How You Can Be Positioned 2, 3, Or 4 In A SERP And Still Outperform Your Competitors.

Berry Mathew

How You Can Be Positioned 2, 3, Or 4 In A SERP And Still Outperform Your Competitors.

There’s a common misconception in SEO and that is: unless you sit at #1, for your main keywords, you aren’t going to experience any success. This is not the case. Of course, ranking #1 is the dream and it’s certainly the best way to attract the most traffic, but there’s so much more to it than merely getting people to click on your website; you actually have to convert them into business as well.

In this article, we’re going to write about how you can indeed be ranked position 2, 3, or 4 in a Google SERP (search engine results page) and actually outperform your competitors! Don’t believe us? Read on to learn more!

It’s important to dominate the SERPs (but not the be all and end all)

Again, being ranked at #1 is the dream, given that it attracts approximately 33% of all traffic for that specific search. However, second place receives a healthy 18%, and it is still possible to perform exceptionally well as you go further down the page…provided your website is optimized accordingly.

It’s all about the User-Experience

One of the most important ranking factors in SEO today is the overall user experience of your website. How quickly does your website load? Do you have an intuitive design? Does the content and imagery serve a clear purpose? Do you speak to your perfect customer’s needs and provide fool-proof solutions? Is it easy to navigate their way to a positive conclusion?

The more effort that goes into optimizing your website to provide a seamless user experience, the far more likely you will be to convert your traffic into loyal, paying customers.

In other words, even if a competitor is currently outranking you, if their website isn’t quite as intuitive as yours, not only are you likely bound to outrank them eventually, but in the mean-time you can still pinch much of their traffic. The fact is, they may well be getting 33% of the traffic, but if most of those clicks abandon the website for links 2, 3, or 4 in the SERP until they find what they are looking for, if you deliver the goods, you’ll be cleaning up.

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You should focus on moving up the SERPs

That said, just because you can still perform relatively well in the lower rankings, you should still do everything you can to move up the SERPs. You see, even going from #3 to #2 can increase your traffic by up to 30%! And if that keyword happens to have a search volume of 1,000 a month, then you’ll be looking at an awful lot of potential customers!

Here’s how you can improve your position:

  • Provide greater relevance: Google wants to provide its users with the best possible answer to their search queries. The greater the relevancy you can provide for your given search terms, the more likely you will be to rank accordingly.
  • Improve quality: When generating content both for your website and your blog, you must put extra emphasis on quality. It’s not just about churning out as much content as possible, but creating content with intention and providing exceptional, industry-expert value for your audience.
  • Technical SEO: There is much going on in the back-end of your website that needs properly tending to if you wish to perform well. Think of it like “fitness for your business”.
  • Build a solid backlink profile: Another great way to bolster your rankings is to work on building a solid backlink profile. The more relevant and reputable websites pointing towards yours, the more “votes” you essentially have, vouching for your authoritativeness. Just be sure to build links the right way and avoid any blackhat methodology.


And there we have it: #1 is the dream, however, don’t be disheartened if you’ve been sitting at a lower position for some time and can’t seem to move any further. Simply work on making your website as relevant and intuitive as possible, provide an exceptional on-page service, and continue to create world-class content – the rest will follow.

On the other hand, if you’ve been investing in your chosen SEO agency for a long time now and you haven’t experienced much in the way of positive movement, it might be worth looking for an alternative. For example, find a Dallas SEO agency with a proven track record for success and plenty of case studies for you to review – that way you can have more confidence in their ability to take you where you need to go.

In any case, we hope you’ve found this article insightful and wish you well with your on-going campaign! Slow and steady wins the race.