Juliet D'cruz

How to top class 8 exams

During the month of exams, students and their parents both have many types of questions in their minds like how to clear the exam? How to be at the top in my class? Why it is so tough to clear the examination of class 8? Will I get enough marks to be on the top? How to top-class 8 exams? And many more. Being on the top is not easy but it is not tough also at the same time. Many students ask this question that how can I top my class. They also have this issue like I have done lots of hard work but still, I am not able to come with a good rank in my school. Here, the problem is not with the students, it is related to the way of study. No matter how much hard work are you doing, if you are not planning anything then nothing would happen. That’s why you must have the strategy to come on the top in class 8 exams. Today, we are going to elaborate on some important points which will help you to get maximum marks in class 8 exams. 

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Let’s have a look at some important points which is very helpful for coming top in the class 8 exams.

  1. Have patience and a positive mind – The most important thing you should remember is to keep patience and a positive mindset. These two traits will help you to win every situation. If you want to concentrate on your study then you should have these two qualities. It motivates you to do more study and smart work which is not only beneficial for study but also very helpful for developing personality. So, before starting the study, you must have patience and positivity in your mind.
  2. Plan your day – Without a timetable or proper timetable, you cannot get what you want. Managing things is a part of life and the same rule goes with studying. It is very necessary to prepare a schedule that will help you to cover the syllabus. You can take help from any organizer application or your parents to plan your studies. Once you have done it, you are all set for your preparation and being on the top. Remember to include every important topic in your plan because those topics will help you to avoid unnecessary questions. 
  3. Cover the entire syllabus – The next important thing is to cover the entire syllabus For being on the top in class 8, you need to know what is important and what can come. Don’t leave any questions in doubt always take help from your mentor. Your books will have a syllabus on the first page so your first responsibility should be to check the syllabus and then prepare according to that. Don’t ever start before doing this step because it will only waste your time. The syllabus will also help you to make your timetable. 

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  1. Begin Early – Don’t wait for the exams to come. Start your preparation from the first day because each subject has a vast syllabus and you cannot prepare it in one day. So it is important to start the preparation when the session begins. You can also take help from online coaching which is also available for free as well as paid. You can easily take help from those institutions for performing better in the class.
  2. Take a look at previous year question papers – The best way for coming to the top in class 8, you can start searching for the previous year question papers. CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 8 will also help you to understand the question pattern and exam structure. Mock tests or previous year question papers are very helpful for understanding the exact pattern of paper and time management. You can give one mock test per day after completing one chapter. It will also help you to analyze your performance and correct mistakes within a few minutes.
  3. NCERT is your best friend – Many students ignore their textbook which is not good because 50% of the question comes from your book. Before taking any extra resources or classes, you need to finish the book first. It will help you to cover half of the topics easily. If you have any doubt about the book then you can mark it and ask your teacher during the doubt session. 
  4. Never miss class tests – Exams are the best way to analyze performance and your progress. Whenever your teacher organizes class tests or pre-board tests, make sure to attend them because it will help you to check your progress. You can easily rectify your mistakes and be prepared for the final exams. 
  5. Don’t take too much stress – The last thing which is taking too much stress. If you have prepared very well and followed every single step for your exam but taking too much stress, then there will be no use for your hard work. So, it is very important to be relaxed and have a positive mind while giving exams. Take rest before one day of the exam and then give it with full confidence and relax the mind. Always remember that don’t study before 30 minutes of exam or on the same day because it will confuse you a lot. If you want to be at the top then it is necessary to leave the stress back and have a peaceful mind


Examinations are the best way to check your status of knowledge and how much you have learnt till now so there is no need for taking stress because of them. If you have done your best and prepared everything then you can easily get the top rank in your school. Make sure to clear your concepts very well because this thing will also help you a lot in obtaining a good rank. Revision is also important after completing the entire syllabus so give your time to that too. We have provided some of the best tips for getting the top rank in class 8. We hope it was useful for you and you can do better in your upcoming exams.