Charlotte Miller

How to Prevent Home Break-Ins

Burglary and theft is a common cause of break ins across the United States. Not only do you store your items for daily living within your home, you also keep your valuables as well as your family inside those walls. While there is a chance that your home could be targeted at any time, robbers tend to seek out the houses that they view are the most vulnerable and will be the easiest to break into. They do not want to draw a lot of attention to themselves so they can make the biggest impact they can without being caught. In an attempt to prevent break-ins from occurring, there are ways you can deter robbers from choosing your house in general, and ways that your home can be fortified if they ever decide to come and attack it. Be safe and prepared by implementing these safety features ahead of time to maximize your safety, the safety of your valuables, and the safety of your family.

Security Cameras

With the recent rise of technology over the past few years, security cameras have grown in popularity as they have been seen to be effective in preventing and capturing break ins. Setting up and installing security cameras can be a preventive measure in and of itself, as it can deter robbers who can see them and don’t want to be recorded and incriminated. Most robbers hope to complete a robbery undetected and security cameras can point to an overwhelming amount of evidence that a specific individual has robbed their home. Many criminals and robbers will not want to be troubled by what the security cameras could reveal so they may steer clear of your house when you have installed them. These security measures have proven to be effective in deterring robbers as well as capturing those who dare to come across them anyway.

Window Security Film

One low cost way to help fortify your home and build up resiliency against robbers is by using window security film. Unlike spending thousands to buy new windows that are shatterproof, investing in a window security film installer to set up this film can be a cost-effective way to create stronger windows in your home. This film can be used on the windows that you already have and they create a shatterproof window that strengthens the glass which will make it harder for intruders to break in. In addition to helping prevent people from being able to break in, window security film can aid in protection against accidents and disasters – objects that could hit your window will have a hard time making it through the glass with this film installed.

Locks and Lights

Some of your more obvious safety measures could include factors such as window locks and motion sensor lights. When your doors are locked, the next most vulnerable vantage point will be your windows. Install heavy-duty window locks to prevent breaks in and choose locks that are not easily destroyed or damaged when force is applied. Robbers could attempt to force themselves through the window, in order to gain access to your home, and heavy duty locks can help prevent that. Motion sensor lights are more likely to keep burglars out because they want to do this undetected. When they walk on your property, and you have lights that automatically turn on, they are more likely to turn around and leave than to risk getting caught robbing your house. Preventing break ins in your home will help to keep everything you love and safe and protected when installed the correct way.