Juliet D'cruz

How to make studying Maths an easy chore

One of the most common questions among the students is how to ace maths. Creating a well-planned study timetable will help students to make studying maths an easy core. Students must have to prepare maths efficiently. It is not enough to mug up the textbooks. For maths, students have to prepare a smart study plan, it will be easy to clear the basics of maths. Students also have to make strategies along with the study plan. 

Most of the students consider maths to be the toughest subject, but it is prepared thoroughly. This paper helps students to increase their grades by scoring well. In this article, we will provide some tips and strategies to make studying maths easy: 

Go through the syllabus

Students must have ensured the proper learning of the syllabus. The syllabus helps students to know about the subjects and what is the aim of learning. Reading syllabus helps students to know about the topics that they have to study. For an efficient study plan, students have to get help from the syllabus and cover all the topics given in the syllabus. To understand the subject easily, students have to know about the subject, its structure, topics, etc with the help of the syllabus. The syllabus is a significant part of the preparation, so one must be aware of the syllabus. 

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Practice previous year papers

Previous years’ papers play a vital role in the preparation of maths. Learning with the help of the previous years’ papers will increase the confidence of students and make them comfortable in learning the subject. Students can easily understand the difficulty of the exam with the help of the previous years’ papers and can start their preparation according to the exam level difficulties. Previous years’ papers also help them to know the important theories and concepts. For students, having previous years’ papers is like a blessing.

Revise formulae and theorem

In maths, formulas and theorems are the most important part of the syllabus. Students have to learn all formulas and theorems for solving the problems. With the use of formulas and theorems, students can solve problems and can score good marks. There are so many formulas in maths and students have to learn them all, so they have to learn and revise them after a frequent interval. This practice helps them to understand the subject easily. While solving problems in exams, students must have to mention the exact formula to get the full marks.

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Practice NCERT exemplar

NCERT exemplar is one of the best study materials for the students to learn maths easily. This NCERT exemplar is the best source to prepare students to solve exam-level questions. Questions given in the material are the best materials to prepare students to shoot exam-level questions. The difficulty level of this material is slightly more than the exam questions and students can clear the exam questions easily. Once students can solve the exemplar, they will be more knowledgeable about the formats of the exam. This exemplar gives an appropriate model of the exam and makes students familiar with the exam formats.

Learn the process

For students, it is mandatory to learn the process. In maths, there is a stepwise marking system and students have to write all the steps to get good marks. To solve the question step by step then it is very easy to solve the problem. Experts and toppers are also suggested to solve questions step by step while preparing, you have to be habituated about the process of learning. 

Proper study plan

Students have to prepare and follow a proper study plan. Using a proper study plan will help students to finish their tasks on time and also avoid the unnecessary burden of incomplete tasks. A proper study plan will not only lead you towards good preparation but also helps students to boost their confidence. Following a proper study plan also develops a positive attitude among the students. This study plan helps students to complete the syllabus within a specific period and also allocate some time for revision.

Read NCERT books

NCERT materials are the best material for the students. It is always suggested to use NCERT books for learning. It provides the best basic knowledge of any subject and also helps to understand the subject. NCERT Books for Class 10th Maths provide quality material to students that will help them to learn the concepts easily. NCERT books have quality material that will help them to learn from basics to advance.

Avoid mistake

For any students, it is suggested to avoid mistakes. Maths is a subject that follows a process while solving problems and is based on a stepwise marking system. So students have to avoid mistakes and solve the problem correctly. Mistakes lead the students towards the wrong answer and this will affect students’ grades, so one must have to ensure accuracy while solving the problems.

Take self-assessment

To know the subject knowledge, students must have to take a self-assessment test and they should check their preparation. After the assessment test, students can know their preparation level and also spend some more time on preparation, if they need to. After the self-assessment test, students can also find out their weak zones in which they have to work hard and learn more about the topics.

Solve sample papers

Sample papers give an idea of the exam and the types of questions that are often asked in exams. Students must have to solve the sample paper for enhancing their knowledge and developing an understanding of the exams. These papers are prepared by some expert faculties after the deep and well-researched knowledge of the subjects. These papers also help students to cover every topic of the subject and can solve more questions of the important topics.

To follow these above-mentioned processes, students can easily improve their understanding of the subjects and also score good marks. Students just have to learn the subjects to create understanding in an above-given manner. It will make students’ journeys simple with maths.