Juliet D'cruz

How to download video from Facebook with SnapSave.App

Facebook is the largest social networking platform today with more than 2 billion users. Besides, Facebook provides users with outstanding features such as sharing status, images, and videos on a wide online community. That’s why people love and increasingly want to explore this social network. However, unlike Youtube, we can download videos to watch offline, Facebook only allows users to watch online to increase online user interaction.

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So we have no way to download videos from Facebook to the device for offline viewing? The answer is possible. With today’s apps and websites, with just a few simple steps you can have an offline video downloaded from Facebook. This article will show you 2 ways to download videos.

Download videos from Facebook to your desktop or laptop

Step 1: Check if the video is public or not. If you see a globe icon below the name of the person who shared the video, the video is public. There is a variety of Facebook video downloader for you to choose from. You can download it easily using sites like SnapSave, GetfVid, Fbdown, FB Downloader,…

In case the video is not public, you cannot download the video without the permission of the owner. With the above sites, you can easily download private videos.

Step 2: Now right-click on that video. If you are using a mac, you should press the “Ctrl” button and click on the video to copy the link of the video. You can press the “Ctrl+C” key combination on Windows operating system. If you are using Macbook, press the “Command” and “C” buttons to copy.

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Step 3: Open one of the websites we recommend above and paste the link in the text field. Click Download to download Facebook videos

Step 4: Choose the desired video quality

Step 5: Wait for a few seconds to finish downloading the video

Download videos from Facebook to iPhone

Step 1: Check if the video is public or not. If you see a globe icon below the name of the person who shared the video, the video is public. You can download it easily using sites like Snapsave, GetfVid, Fbdown, FB Downloader,…

Step 2: Play the video first. If you copy the link without playing the video, there is a chance that the link is broken.

Step 3: Select the share icon (curved arrow) on the screen and select Copy link

Step 4: Open Safari, open one of the above websites. Paste the copied link into the text field. Select Download 

Step 5: You can do it on the app downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Or you can use it directly on the Safari browser. This app will download videos with the best quality. It will automatically save the video in your iPhone’s file manager.

Download videos from Facebook with SnapSave Chrome Extension

Since the need to download videos from Facebook is quite frequent, I learned and wanted to share with everyone the easiest steps to download a Facebook video.

The online site that I often use to download videos on Fb is Snapsave. Using it is very simple with just 2 clicks. Do you believe it? Let’s get started together!

You should install its extension on Chrome, so saving your videos later will be much faster: https://bit.ly/snapsaveextension

This is a Fb video downloader that provides you with a fast and enjoyable experience. As you can see in the image above, its interface is easy on the eyes and the design is clean. I can see myself getting public videos as well as private videos in different qualities and formats. The specific steps you can refer to below or refer to the instructions right at this website in the “How to” section.

As usual, you will copy the Fb video link you want to download and start the download process to the device. Then you choose the quality for your video and wait some seconds to have the video downloaded. 

However when using the extension, you just need to select the quality you want to download, then you will be taken to the Snapsave page. Here you just need to press another button and you’re done. After adding the extension, you will see this FB downloader appear in extensions on the right side of your screen as shown above. 

Whenever you see a video on the Facebook news feed and want to download it drag your mouse on the video wait for the download button to appear / Or click on the Plugin Button on the browser. Choose video quality (Download SD or HD+), then Click Download video to start downloading. I think this way it will be easier than copying the links together. Just like I said, with only 2 clicks to do it.