How To Bypass Mobile Phone Number Verification On Any App

Berry Mathew

How To Bypass Mobile Phone Number Verification On Any App

Nearly every modern mobile app requires users to go through the mobile phone number verification process during registration. For the most part, this is made to comply with laws as well as to get rid of spammers and scammers. But it is not always about them. Sometimes this feature might also become an issue for regular people who might just not have their own phone number available. Dealing with it is really simple though. You can do this using a temporary phone number from the SMS verification platform.

Temporary number in essence

Temporary phone numbers are incomprehensible to many people. Some of them even think that those are just sets of random digits without any use. But the reality is different. Such a feature as a temporary number is a standard phone number that unlike the latter is used over the internet and can only be used for a certain time. Both these points make it useful in various cases.

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The possibility of being used online makes temporary phone numbers available everywhere in the world. It is not necessary to go anywhere or get some special hardware to use them. Everything that is required from users is to proceed to the appropriate website or app for getting and operating temporary numbers.

Temporality is another point. It is what makes such numbers what they are. Most often they can be used only once. This is enough to sign up for a certain mobile app and also makes them cost less than $1. However, there are also some platforms that offer an option to rent temporary phone numbers for a certain time period. There are several ways to go.

Supported mobile apps

Temporary numbers are used for very different apps. Because of this, it is common to see questions about if it is possible to sign up with them for a specific platform. Actually, at this point, there is no difference at all. You can use such numbers to create accounts on all apps that provide users with a mobile phone number verification feature. Those can be:

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  • Social media networks;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Instant messengers;
  • Dating apps;
  • Food and taxi ordering services.

So, summing up the above, there is no issue with registering on one or another app with a temporary phone number. The choice is completely up to the user.

Platform to bypass SMS verification

It is not difficult to get and activate a temporary number. There are dozens of online services that provide such an opportunity for everyone. But it is important to choose carefully. Some platforms either offer temporary phone numbers of low quality or sell their services at too high a price. We recommend taking a look at SMS-Man.

This company has been on the market for more than five years. Right now their offer list includes temporary numbers for one-time use as well as long-term temporary numbers for up to several months. Moreover, they support all the popular apps while when it comes to using rental temporary phone numbers there are no restrictions at all. Below we will explain in detail how to get and use a temporary number for receiving a single OTP as it is the most popular choice:

  1. Proceed to and sign up for an account.
  2. Top up your balance with convenient payment options from those that are available.
  3. Switch back to the start page of the website. On this page, it is necessary to choose the issuing country of a temporary phone number. 
  4. Once the country is chosen, scroll the page down and select an app to register the number with.
  5. Tap the purchase button to get a temporary number.

Now just copy your number, paste it on the registration form of the appropriate app and request a verification code. Then just click on “Get SMS” at SMS-Man to reveal the code and bypass verification with it. In fact, it is not limited to how many temporary phone numbers each user can operate. You can use them to create several accounts on multiple apps.