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How to Buy Bitcoin with an IRA: What You Should Know

One of the best ways to diversify your investments is investing in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. Most investors looking for a long-term investment agree that investing with bitcoin is an excellent option. Moreover, people who are retired or wish to save for retirement should definitely consider investing Bitcoin in an IRA.

If you want to have maximum control over your retirement portfolio, investing with bitcoin is a brilliant idea. It’s also best to consult with a financial facilitator that offers unrestricted access to investment activity in Cryptocurrency such as buying and holding, staking and lending.

Trusted financial management companies like Viva Capital know what it takes to get you the most out of your Bitcoin investment.  Keep reading to know how to buy bitcoin with an IRA and how the process works.

How Bitcoin IRA Works

Unlike the traditional IRA that restricts investment to stock, bond, or precious metal, Bitcoin is a self-directed IRA that allows investment in Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. It is vital to know that bitcoin is treated as property, taxable like bonds and stock.

Moreover, you must go through a custodian to ensure you comply with federal regulations and guidelines. This means you are likely to interact with different entities in the process of buying and investing bitcoin. If the financial company is adept, you’ll get them all in one place.

  • Bitcoin IRA Service Provider’s primary responsibility is to help you convert your assets into bitcoin.
  • Self-directed IRA custodians are usually brokers or banks that hold assets in an IRA.
  • Wallet /custody providers- in partnership with bitcoin service providers, ensure the security of the keys to an investor’s bitcoin fund.

Most important is choosing the right Bitcoin service provider because the custodian has no fiduciary responsibility. You will also incur specific fees like the account, holding, establishment, and funds transfer and purchasing assets that can quickly add up.

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Benefits of Bitcoin IRA

The benefits of investing in bitcoin IRA include:

  • Portfolio diversification- Bitcoin in an IRA provides a more efficient way to diversify your portfolio.
  • Secure your retirement savings from inflation- Cryptocurrency is not affected by inflation. Due to its intangible nature, it protects your retirement savings against this.
  • Exempt from central bank policies- Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are unregulated, which means they are free from manipulations and government interference.
  • Easy to manage- Operating a bitcoin IRA is easy when you team up with the right financial management company. They’ll advise, manage, and keep you in compliance.
  • Tremendous growth- Bitcoin is one of the most high-profit  investments thus far. 

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How to Buy Bitcoin with an IRA

If you plan to buy bitcoin with an IRA, the process is surprisingly easy. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can buy bitcoin with an IRA.

  1. Visit a custodian and open a self-directed investment retirement account.
  2. Purchase bitcoin from an exchange or find a facilitator.
  3. Fund your self-directed IRA through a rollover or a transfer.
  4. Reap the benefits. 

A Final Word

Every serious investor is eyeing bitcoin investment due to its high rates of returns. Don’t get left behind, take your seat among the top bitcoin investors and enjoy the benefits that come along. Simply put, the earlier you invest Bitcoin in an IRA, the earlier you can retire.