How Do I Know The Factors For Child Custody Decision?

Juliet D'cruz


How Do I Know The Factors For Child Custody Decision?

Divorce cases can be ugly and traumatizing as well. This becomes worse if you have kids in your marriage. It is very unlikely to predict to whom the kids would go or be assigned by the law. Some laws are pre-defined that state the allocation of custody of a child. 

In most cases, child custody is assigned to the parent with the child’s best interest in mind. However, this is not the ultimate factor but plays a major role in the decision. To ensure that you are safeguarded by all sides and want the child custody in your hands, you must get advice from a divorce lawyer Milwaukee, WI.

Here in this post, we will discuss the factor that is taken into consideration during child custody.

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  1. Relationship of the child with each parent:

The court will look into the relationship of each parent with the child, including how the parent treated the child, was the parent involved with the child or not, what kind of relationship the child share with each parent, which parent seems to be involved in the child growth and development, and if financially capable enough to do. The court will do a full assessment of it and will then come to a decision.

  1. Child’s Wishes:

Depending on the child’s age and maturity level, the court will consider the child’s wishes and needs and the spouse capable enough to fulfill them in the future. This will determine the outcome of the custody.

  1. Financial Condition of each parent:

The parent stepping up to take custody of the child in their hands should be capable enough to ensure that they can nurture their child along with them. This includes all the expenses that the child would need until they become an adult. The court will further examine each parent and their lifestyle and conclude.

  1. A history of domestic violence:

This is a red flag for the court, and if anyone of the parent seems to have a history of domestic violence or is an addict, then the court will blatantly deny your claim for child custody.

Child custody can be emotional and crucial at the same time. The reason is that the court is deciding the child’s future and trying to provide the child with possible support and a parent that will take care of all their needs. So, if you think you should get child custody as a parent, it is crucial to consult an experienced child custody attorney.

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