How do I become a copy trader?

Juliet D'cruz

How do I become a copy trader?

  1. Create a trading account or use one that already exists.

Select the type of account that best fits your trading approach, or begin immediately with an existing account.

  1. Access your account page.

Go to your area and select the account you want to permit copying from.

  1. enable the copying parameters

Set up your profile by selecting “Share to CopyTrade” in your trading account settings. Copy traders by following their professional steps.

Make sure the following is true to permit others to duplicate your deals:

– Your account is validated – Your trade balance is $100 or more

  1. Make more money from your deals.

Receive a set commission of 5% on all trades that you successfully close. Alternately, turn into a PRO Trader and determine your commission.

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Press “Start” to receive your reward.

To track other traders’ progress or copy them, use the FBS CopyTrade app.

You can increase the amount of money you generate from your daily trading sessions with FBS CopyTrade. Permit FBS Investors to clone your trading account, and you will be compensated for their earnings. Win-win situation! You get paid as other people learn!

You don’t have to install any more software or do anything else. Enable this feature in your area, abandon your typical behavior, let others emulate you, and you’ll be rewarded!

The more investors choose to imitate your orders, the better your account performs and the more profit you make. 

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Accounts that are copy-able:

Standard MT4

In MT4 Micro 

Utilize the FBS CopyTrade App to its full potential when it comes to trading!

A sizable investor community is always hunting for accounts to imitate. Utilize FBS CopyTrade App to multiply your profit several times over!

How can the Master Trader’s Trades get to his followers so they can also start trading?

There are four alternatives available to send trades.

Using the Wall of Traders Smart Trading Terminal, you may create Trades. This is the quickest method because trades will instantly be copied to all follower accounts.  According to etoro copy trading review its very secure platform for trading.

. Both Binance Spot and Binance Futures are supported. When you click “FOLLOWERS,” choose the new group you created. Go to trade settings and select “Disable” to eliminate confirmation pop-ups. The ideal use for this feature is manual trading:

  1. b) You create the Trades by composing messages and adding @walloftraders to a private Telegram channel. Automatic message reading, text analysis, and trade creation will all be done by us. Regardless of your preference, stick to the same format. We need to run some tests to check if we can successfully interpret what you send in this situation. The ideal application for this option is algorithmic trading:
  2. c) While Binance Spot and other exchanges are out of the question, we can let you trade directly through Binance Futures. However, there are some restrictions, which are discussed on this page.
  3. d) Trades will be replicated to subscribers in less than a second if you want to send trades directly to our API since it will be as quick as utilizing smart trading. For us to put it up for you, a fixed deposit of $300 USDT is required. For this fix, get in touch with us. etoro copy trading review is helpful before starting trading on etoro.

basic guidelines

You can employ advanced trading options, such as multiTP, SL, entry trigger, and entry/TP/SL tailings, in procedures a), b), and d).

The accounts of Binance Followers will receive copies of any trades made from the Wall of Traders to Binance.

You must link a Binance Futures account to Wall Of Traders, choose Binance Futures in the Wall of Traders Smart Trading Terminal, or enter Binance Futures in the Telegram message you send if you wish to send trades on Binance Futures.

Go to your Trades page, choose the Trade you wish to alter, cancel, or panic sell, then complete the action. Additionally, all Follower accounts will undergo this. You can also send a Telegram message to accomplish this. 

Please be aware that, except for method c), trades you place directly on the Exchange will not be considered when copy trading. They must be made using one of the techniques above, which is imperative.