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How Can Elder Siblings Help their Younger siblings in Education?


Being an elder brother or sister to someone is not always about being bossy to the younger sibling; it is a matter of utter responsibility and influence. For the child, having an elder sibling is a benefit in every possible way.

The elder ones can enhance their learning and experience with the younger brother or sister and provide them with progressive suggestions on anything important. 

Many would say that what about the generation gap?

We want to ensure that this generation gap factor does not work among siblings. The elder siblings are well equipped with every capability to convert the life situations of their younger ones.  

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Education is one area where the elder siblings can provide considerable help for the younger ones. The syllabus is set with the program curriculum remaining the same for students for years. Thus the elder brother or sister is very much aware of the concept that his young one has to study for.  

Hence, it will benefit the younger ones because they will get considerable help in their studies. With the studies, planning, and stuff, elder siblings can be of much help. Devising a strategy for Examination is no easy task for students, but for their elder siblings who have already gone through all the pressure and yet handled it well, it is easy to plan strategies out for their young ones to go through the same stress. 

In this article, we will share with our readers a few ways in which elder siblings provide help for their younger ones. 

Better Rapport Building  

Fighting between the siblings is prevalent and normal because no two individuals can agree on all the things in life. 

But, when an argument or fight happens between the siblings, the responsibility to stay calm and patient is more inclined towards the elder sibling. Their commitment is to make their young ones understand the situation well and become more supportive at times needed. 

Their reliability for each other is also durable, and thus, they start feeling secure and comfortable in each other’s company. 

Observing the areas which can be problematic

Being less experienced in life, it sometimes becomes difficult for the student to deal with problems, and there the elder sibling couldn’t be anything less than a blessing for them. An elder sibling can you the younger one in a more effective manner. An elder sibling can help the younger ones with subjects they feel not very confident about. Here, the first thing an elder sibling does is identify the actual problem and, thus, work according to it. After placing the problematic area, the elder siblings can provide tips and best suggestions for their young ones to follow. 

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Optimistic environment building 

Sometimes, when we fail, it causes severe damage as it weakens our determination and confidence. For any student facing such failures in life, their elder sibling couldn’t be less than a blessing. They don’t let the disappointment empower their younger’s determination and confidence towards a particular goal. 

The study is more fun 

The comfort and frankness level that a student has in their homes is different from that they have with their friends. They are more themselves at home; therefore, their comfort level with the siblings is high, and the air between is very relaxing for them to initiate any activity like studies. 

There have been recent surveys that again show that the elder siblings make learning more fun and engaging for their younger ones. 

With the new technological tools like ERP and LMS in the sector, younger siblings might feel confused about the same, but with the help of their elder one, they can get involved positively. 

ERP full form is Enterprise resource planning, and LMS full form is learning management system.

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