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Hot Sales on Living Room Sets

Are you in need of a new living room set but aren’t looking to go over budget to get something eye-catching and functional? Then check out the living room set sale on 1Stopbedrooms.com. You’re guaranteed to find furniture within your budget with discounts up to 75% off of select living room sets.

How can they offer such low prices? Well, that’s because their furniture is direct from the manufacturer and doesn’t go through expensive third-party companies to be delivered to retail locations. That means they can pass on the savings received from the direct deals straight to you.

Before you start looking for a living room set, think about your and your family’s needs. Then you’ll be able to choose the best material and texture to use. For instance, if you have small children or pets, leather is an option to consider. It’s easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance to keep its classy appearance.

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Leather seating also lasts longer, and that durability is attributed to the tanning processes they go through. Cracking, peeling, and sagging are not common anymore. The material is naturally stain and spill-resistant. Whether it’s your wine or your children’s grape juice, you don’t have to worry about spills setting in and ruining the fabric.

Also, if anyone in the household has allergies, this hypoallergenic material does not accumulate dust. That gives dust mites and other common allergens no place to hide. A leather living room set can last for years and become a reliable part of the family’s routine. With the sale prices like the ones you’ll find on the website, full leather living room sets are no longer out of reach for certain budgets. 

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If you don’t have the full amount, you can select a financing plan that works for you. You can make small incremental payments over one or two years or up to thirty-six months. Either way, you don’t have to pass up on the set that works best for your home. If you enjoy the leather look but do not necessarily want real leather, there are faux-leather sets to choose from that offer the same great benefits. 

Microfiber is another stain-resistant material if the leather isn’t to your liking. The tightly woven threads are resistant to mustard and ketchup spills, making the cleanup simple. Liquids will bead up on the fabric’s surface, giving you time to wipe it up before it sinks into the sofa. Pet dander and dust mites will find microfiber a difficult place to inhabit as the tight weave keeps them at bay and your loved one’s breathing without difficulty. 

Another benefit is that the material is washable. Throw pillows and slip-covers can be thrown in the wash for cleaning. That saves a ton of money on outside furniture cleaning services. The soft, breathable material is also comfortable and provides the right coziness in the winter while staying cool and dry during warmer months. 

Sometimes a fabric living room is the best choice for your decorative style and lifestyle. Perhaps you don’t have small children or pets, so spills and accidents aren’t a concern. And fabric sets tend to come in a wider variety of colors and patterns that may work better with the design you have in mind. If you’re redecorating and don’t want to repaint the room, you’ll have better luck finding a matching color with a fabric living room set. 

Fabric tends to be a much more comfortable material than leather. It’s softer, warmer, and breathable, so it keeps you happy during seasonal changes. Many are treated with stain-resistant finishes so cleaning up messes isn’t too much of a chore. 

Color is a great way to express your family’s sense of style and create the desired mood. If you want a warm and cozy vibe in the room, rich, dark colors would be the way to go. Lighter, cooler colors will give the space a relaxed but vibrant feel. 

Neutrals will give you room to play with colorful patterns and prints to add depth to the space. It will give the area a personal touch that gives neighbors and other guests an idea of who you and your family are. Accent pieces and wall art are ways to introduce your personality into the room.

If you guys are animal lovers, choose accent pieces with animal patterns. If your family loves boats, find wall art reflecting that love. Bookcases designed as small boats and other nautical-themed furnishings can spark interesting conversations as your guests learn more about you. 

Choosing a color and material may be easier than choosing a design style. Do you prefer modern or classic? Casual or contemporary? Traditional or mid-century? Or are you not sure what any of this means?

Don’t worry; most people don’t know what the differences are, subtle or large, between the styles. However, 1Stop has design specialists ready to assist you over the phone. There is no fee to speak with them, and it’s a service offered to all shoppers. 

Because the design specialists are non-commissioned, their recommendations are not influenced by anything other than ensuring your satisfaction with the buying process and overall purchase. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of their expertise as they answer your questions and guide you to the furniture that matches your tastes.

The site allows you to narrow down your selection choices by style, color, or material to help you find just what you need. You can also choose a price point or customize your own according to your budget. If you prefer a particular brand name, scroll through the numerous options and browse the different living room sets available under that manufacturer.

The living room is a common and high-traffic area that gets plenty of use in the home. The furniture must be strong enough to meet your family’s needs but stylish and comforting enough to invite them to have a seat. That’s exactly what you’ll find on 1Stop with prices that are unmatched and unbeatable.