Here’s a Non-Obvious Way to Turn Your Followers into Money

Berry Mathew

Here’s a Non-Obvious Way to Turn Your Followers into Money

Suppose you have a successful business with thousands or millions of followers on social media. They already bring you a lot of revenue and are loyal to your brand. But there is something else you can do to generate even more money and meet your customer’s demands. 

A video monetization platform is a money-bringing idea for a business with many followers and regular customers. It has plenty of features for revenue generation that you should know. Let’s talk about that in detail.

What is a Video Monetization Platform?

A video monetization platform is an OTT/IPTV solution that allows you to stream videos directly to viewers’ devices through the Internet. It is a service where you publish video content for people in exchange for money. The most vivid example is the Netflix streaming service which produces high-quality content and sells access to it, or albanian IPTV reseller NimiTV. 

An IPTV/OTT solution usually has multiple features to help you maximize revenue and manage your video streaming business easily.

  • Middleware allows you to control the whole process of streaming videos. You can set limitations or permissions for content viewership and subscribers. With middleware, you manage all other components so that they exchange data. Configuring interfaces, tracking analytics, and managing monetization and content are essential functions you should utilize.
  • Encoder/transcoder is vital for smooth content delivery and video file adjustments to the requirements of a receiving device and an internet connection. 
  • Applications are to allow people to watch video content on any device and platform, including smartphones, Smart TVs, and laptops. 
  • CDN software (content delivery network) helps a content provider deliver videos to any location. 

All features combined help you reach more people, provide a smooth viewing experience, and bring revenue to you. 

Excellent for Any Business

Video streaming services are perfect for any industry. They are quite popular in the entertainment field, but there are other spheres that can take advantage of video streaming:

  • MSOs/ISPs
  • Governments
  • Education
  • Broadcast/Satellite
  • Content for kids
  • Gaming
  • Fitness & Health
  • Sports
  • Coaching 

And others. With a video streaming service, you can share your high-quality video content to monetize it. 

Why do People Like Online Video Streaming Services?

Why are video streaming services appealing to viewers? Firstly, providers usually invest a lot of money in creating original content their users will like. As they say, content is king, and viewers chase it in the first place. 

Secondly, the price of a video streaming service is usually lower than traditional television one. While cable can cost $50 and more, an online streaming service charges $10-$20. It means that customers can purchase several subscriptions to different services. 

Thirdly, video streaming services don’t have scheduling; videos are available at a user’s demand. Also, videos are available on any device due to applications. As a result, a customer has complete control over how, when, where, and what they watch. They are to decide here, unlike it is with traditional television like cable or satellite. 

Moreover, it is easy to start using an online streaming service as well as stop using it. It is possible to cancel the subscription at any time, while ad-based services are free. 

Final Thoughts

A video streaming service can help you turn your current customers into your viewers and increase their loyalty even more. You can use it to educate or entertain your viewers. Your new video streaming service can accompany another business or become a whole new project without any connection with a current one. 

Use all features of a video streaming platform to reach as many viewers as you want and generate revenue.