Gifting as A Business Strategy to Increment Sales

Berry Mathew

Gifting as A Business Strategy to Increment Sales

Marketers and financial teams who adopt an account-based marketing approach typically see the benefits of incorporating direct mail and gifts into their strategy. Done right, gifts are a great way to reach important customers and build relationships.

How can you engage with your customers without actually connecting? Almost every business faces this challenge, but even in this age of social distancing, why not use personalized gifts? So you still have the opportunity to connect personally in the real world. A successful gifting strategy that reliably creates B2B demand requires many elements. Here are some key tips for success:  

It Should Be Personal

Personalization is one of the most critical factors in delivering effective corporate gifts. Create a personalized approach to corporate gifts, always customized for each prospect. Think about what they are and what’s important to them, then tailor your gifts to reflect their personal funds and goals. 

St Dupont lighter has given us some major corporate gifting goals when users loved the brand exclusively for gifting. Similarly, you can refer to various other big names for making a customized gifting package. 

Do Not Expect

Exploration is an art. But just because you’ve spent time and money designing a thoughtful gift for an expensive prospect doesn’t mean it is right for them to think in the same manner right now. You can’t fix every meeting, so adopt an attitude of awarding without expecting anything in arrival or return. 

Take Advantage of Holidays 

Gifting prospects and commerce during the holidays is a proven approach. Tying gifts to holidays like International Coffee Day or Earth Day is a smart strategy to integrate your offerings and increase your chances of booking your first meet-and-greet. For example, if you’re running a movement all over International Coffee Day, you can send potential customers coffee maker kits with personalized coffee mugs. 

Align Sales Process with Gifting 

Establishing a sales pace is a considerable way to get potential customers to pay attention to your business. So why not combine it with your gifting strategy to make your sales pace strategy even more effective?

Instead of directly sending a cool email and then a cold call, you can send strategic gift packages to compatible prospects and customers between the phone and email. Adding a gift will help you stand out in the crowd and enhance your offer to potential customers. 

Celebrate Wins with Customers

Corporate gifts can be used to escalate the likelihood of customer renewal. Sending champagne to celebrate a partnership anniversary displays how much your company appreciates its customers. This tactic also works for compromised accounts, reminding you why they need you. By adding a personal touch to your customer’s profile, you can improve your sales aspect. 

Bottom Line 

Of course, everyone appreciates gifts, but on a skillful level, it’s a whole different game. Just like responding to personal gifts, prospects are always happy to receive something special to them. However, for corporate gifts, the gift itself is not the main message, but a palpable asset that helps convey that message.