Juliet D'cruz

Getting Started with Realtor Postcards: 3 Examples to Boost Your Real Estate Brand

Top real estate agents know that a reliable and relatively inexpensive way to build a brand within a specific neighborhood is to use postcards as a marketing tool. 

Consider postcards as a marketing tool because targeted mailing lists and online design tools and templates make it easy and affordable to communicate news about your real estate agency to build awareness and generate leads and sales.

How do interested people know who just listed real estate for sale, or just sold real estate nearby, or about expired listings in the community that are still without a buyer? They may not search online. Postcards inform them about local real estate listings and sales, help boost your brand and perhaps identify a new client who is ready to buy or sell.

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Postcards emphasize your agency’s brand

If you’re an agent who is wary of realtor postcards or used them before with poor or no results, you should know that design technology, online templates and printing quality have all improved in recent years and there are proven methods to make them work successfully as part of your marketing efforts.

Many vendors like Wise Pelican who specialize in realtor postcards have all-in-one shops that allow you to design your postcard online, select a mailing list and have them mailed to your target area – without you ever leaving your office. It’s convenient and surprisingly inexpensive, as little as 75 cents per postcard, including postage. 

You can cover a whole neighborhood with postcards for a few hundred dollars. That’s an inexpensive way to get noticed if you do it right. Do not panic if you don’t know how much does a realtor make on a sale.


Let’s look at three common examples of realtor postcards and how they can boost your real estate brand by building awareness in your targeted community:

  • Just listed real estate: It’s not enough to merely post a description and photos of your new listing on your website and your social media accounts. Let the neighbors know via the mail.

    People who live near your listing may be considering a move. Better yet, they may have had their eye on your new listing for a while. Your new listing may have a yard sign, but depending on the location, an interested buyer may never drive by and see the sign. 

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  • Just sold real estate: When a home sells, people who live nearby are abuzz about it. How much did it sell for? Was the sales price lower or higher than their projection? How does the recent sale affect their home’s value? Is it time for them to consider listing their home, too?

    After the “sold” sign is taken down and the new owners move in, just sold real estate postcards can keep your brand alive and prompt inquiries that could lead to new listings and sales.


  • Expired listings real estate: Homes that were listed for sale in the MLS database but were not sold after a certain period are known as expired listings.

    The sellers of these homes are often frustrated or desperate and not sure what’s next, especially if they are buying another place and are ready to move. By notifying the community about your expired listings, you may stir up new interest, especially if there’s a drop in price.

Use postcards to build your brand

You can upgrade your real estate marketing quickly, easily and inexpensively with realtor postcards, no matter which kind you send. Realtor postcards enforce your brand’s identity and its position in a particular neighborhood or community.