Geetha Govindam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Free

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Geetha Govindam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Free

Geetha Govindam Tamil dubbed movie download is your search right? You are at the right place. I have exactly what you need. Geetha Govindam is a 2018 Telugu Romantic Comedy movie. The movie was released on 15th August in 2018 and was a huge success. The film has Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmuka MAndanna as lead roles. It is a good movie that is filled with lots of love and laughter. Come let’s see where you can get Geetha Govindam Tamil dubbed movie download 

Geetha Govindam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download

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Geetha Govindam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download StoryLine

Before you jump to Geetha govindam Tamil dubbed movie download let’s know a brief about the movie. The movie is written a romantic comedy that stars Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandana. The movie starts with Vijay (Vijay Deverakonda) meeting Nithya (Nithya Menon) one night on the road as her car breaks down and asks for help. Vijay says he is ready to help her but on only one condition. The condition is that she should buy him some alcohol plus she has to listen to his story. Nithya ashes his that is his story a love story as he is drunk. Vijay starts narrating his story. 

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He says that once in a temple he sees some beautiful decoration which is done by a girl named Geetha (Rashmika Mandana) and she is single. He gets attracted to her but gets the news of his sister’s engagement so has to go back home. Here is the coincidence that Geetha is his co-passenger beside him. Geetha sleeps while traveling and Vijay thinks of having a selfie with her while she is still asleep. While trying to do so he accidentally kisses her and she slaps him. Geetha’s brother Phaneendra sees all this and gets aggressive and is ready to kill Vijay. Vijay knowing this jumps off the bus and runs back home.

To Vijay’s surprise, Phaneendra is the same man to whom his sister is getting engaged. So now what will happen is in the movie. You must watch it to see whether Geetha opens the incident to Vijay’s family or does Phaneendra break the engagement or Geetha and Vijay fall in love. 

Have a look at the caste before you are about to Geetha Govindam Tamil movie download and watch

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Geetha Govindam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Cast

Language – Telugu

Release Date: 15th August 2018

Length: 2 hours 22 minutes


  • Vijay Deverakonda – Vijay Govind
  • Rashmika Mandanna – Geetha
  • Subbaraju – Phaneendra, Geetha’s brother
  • Mouryani – Sirisha, Govind’s sister
  • Rahul Ramakrishna – Ramakrishna, Govind’s friend
  • Vennela Kishore – Kishore, Geetha’s bridegroom

Director: Parasuram

Production By: GA2 Pictures

Distributor: Geetha Arts

 Geetha Govindam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Review

Although the movie sounds like a regular love story there are some twists and turns with lots of laughter. You see some unexpected things in the movie and love it. The director has done wonderful work and has earned praise for this. The leading actor and actress have awesome chemistry of fight and love. Also, the music and songs are good and worth listing to. I would suggest you to go for Geetha govindam full movie Tamil and watch the movie.

Geetha Govindam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download  Streaming Sites

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Geetha Govindam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Trailer


Is Geetha Govindam Available In Hindi Dubbed?

It is not officially dubbed buy you can find it on some sites.

Where Can I Get Geetha Govindam Movie In Hindi Dubbed?

 You can find Geetha Govindam movie in Hindi here 

Who Was The First Choice For Geetha Govindam?

Geetha Govindam: Not Vijay Deverakonda, but Allu Arjun was the first choice for the movie; Did you know? Geetha Govindam was originally offered to stylish star Allu Arjun. However, the role went to Vijay Deverakonda after Bunny rejected the offer.

Why Allu Arjun Rejected Geetha Govindam?

Geeta Govindam: Allu Arjun rejected Geeta Govindam after the success of Sarainodu. He believed the storyline was not for him. The makers approached Vijay Devarakonda for the male lead role, and the Telugu film was a commercial hit in 2018.

Is Geetha Govindam True Story?

The 12th century poet Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda describes the relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha that is platonic. A simialr purity is seen in this film story but there are a lot of misunderstandings and disturbances, cites the director. According to him a real-life incident sparked the idea of Geetha Govindam.


In the above, I have mentioned all about Geetha govindam full movie Tamil. The movie is very good and worth watching. The movie will fill your eyes with emotions and also make you laugh out loud. It is a movie to watch when you are in a mood to do nothing. Yes, it is a love story that looks regular but has something different in it. Do read about the movie before you are about to Geetha Govindam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download and enjoy watching it


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