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Fun Pataka Kiran Wiki, Biography, Age, GirlFriend, Phone

Fun Pataka Kiran Wiki: Fun pataka is a youtube channel, created by Manohar for making pranks. In these prank videos, You will see a guy named Kiran who has got quite a fame in the recent times. Kiran and his fellow pranksters Aditya, Suman Prabhas and some time Manohar also participates in this pranks. It is fun to watch those videos and how a small channel in Youtube has gained the following of audience is really wonderful.

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Fun Pataka Kiran Wiki

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Fun Pataka Kiran Biography

The Journey began when Kiran messaged Manohar on Facebook regarding some work. Then they both decided to collaborate for some youtube channel and they did. In the beginning, They did pranks mostly on the youth based on simple tricks. But they got fame with Anna Ramantundu Prank and Kiran was hugely appreciated for this prank and Manohar as well for doing the best editing for this video.

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Kiran is a foodie and he loves to travel to different places. He is a bike lover as well, He has so many helmets at his home, This shows that how much he loves the bikes. Kiran is very friendly and people have started recognizing the crew outside as well. First they used to do pranks near Hussain Sagar, and nearby places. But after people started recognizing them, They started doing in other places. They also did videos on their subscribers which was quite hilarious. Kiran is a very down to earth person and he supports other youtubers as well.

Fun Pataka pranks are wonderful and funny. They don’t do anything which is quite heavy and it doesn’t hurt the audience much. Once they did a ghost prank in the night, Which caused a bit of problem for the crew. But everything was under control there as well. After that they started doing pranks like Proposal pranks, Comment pranks and in almost every video Kiran is always there. He is also famous on social media, He has 93.K followers on Instagram. He also does paid promotions on his personal page as well. So this is all about Fun pataka kiran, We couldn’t get the personal details much. If we get them, We will definitely update.