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Features and benefits of photo calendar by Mixbook

Are you thinking of enjoying your favourite photos and those of your family members throughout the year? Worry no more as Mixbook provides you with custom calendars for your walls, home and work screens to enjoy all year memories, especially during this pandemic period.

Be able to make your loved ones smile and cherish most memories with a custom picture calendar every single day.

Below are the features and benefits of a picture calendar.


The Mixbook picture calendar contains the following feature;

Amazing upselling tool. It allows your loved one to enjoy the beautiful artwork you took all year and help put a smile on their face.

Amazing pictures and holidays: If you want to start uploading your favourite pictures each month, upload your picture into Mixbook editor and drag it into place. You can also add holidays you celebrate and those you do not celebrate to help you anticipate everything from a traffic pattern.

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Inclusion of birthdays and anniversaries.  With Mixbook, you can add birthdays and anniversaries when creating a custom picture calendar to send to family, friends and business friends to bring a little sunshine when those events commence.

Inclusion of ongoing and one-off events: If you have a custom picture calendar in your home, hallways and screens, it is easier to put schedules such as school, team sport, business trips and vacations in place.

Inclusive of fun stickers. Mixbook fun stickers help you to depict certain daily activities such as pizza slice for pizza night, cross for church and soccer ball for soccer games.

Identification of downtime. Mixbook helps you identify the time on your calendar when there is not much going on, helping you to have the opportunity to plan what to do during that particular period.

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The benefit of Mixbook custom photo calendar

The following are the amazing benefits of using Mixbook to create your picture calendar:

Get to use any picture. You can make a personalized photo calendar with any of your favourite pictures together with a cover to make the calendar complete.

Personalize it for anyone.  You get to choose your favourite photos to make your calendar and gift for anyone during events such as birthday presents, milestone achievements, anniversary celebrations and wedding gifts.

Addition of custom captions. You can give a heads up to the storyline by adding titles to the photos with funny and loving comments.

Good material and finish. Using high-quality material will ensure that you have an excellent photo after you print it for business or family use.

Long-lasting results. The quality of material used to make a Mixbook photo calendar ensures that your calendar stays intact even when roughly handled.

Inexpensive. Mixbook photo calendars have pocket-friendly costs and are hence very affordable.

Make your photo calendar today at Mixbook

Creating a personalized calendar is not just a wonderful tool but a great way to bond with your family, friends and co-workers. The Mixbook website ensures that you are on the same page with your family members, give clamorous memories and forge a meaningful family tradition. Cherish those memories and beautiful events by Mixbooking today and live an organized life.