Exam preparation ways using mobile phone technology

Juliet D'cruz

Exam preparation ways using mobile phone technology

Every person has become very dependent on technological means considering the digitalization of the world and its spread through globalization. We are at a rapid development stage where institutions are evolving fast, and it is often the people who struggle to adapt. However, parents, students, teachers, and the entire administrative system of a school have become very comfortable with such digital means in a very short period. 

Traditional classes can now be taken through laptop devices, tablets, and mobile phones by simply logging into the LMS portals. The system has become so advanced that students are automatically marked present by the attendance management software, and submit their assignments in a different assignment management system. Yet there arises the need for extra guidance before examinations. Can the same digital means be of help to the students?

They certainly can! Using a mobile phone to study and prepare for exams is one of the most convenient methods. Students can access LMS portals of the institution, and use the Internet to access multiple resources where they can pick the best resource to study and learn from. Here are some other ways in which smartphones could be used by students to learn and prepare;

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Educational videos

The Internet is full of a lot of informative videos. These videos are uploaded usually on social media sites and many popular websites. Students can stream anything that they want, download video files that they consider important, and take notes from video explanations. When a concept is well explained by using practical applications through videos and using graphs, students memorize information quickly.

A lot of informative videos can guide students outside of a classroom and give them the same experience as attending a school lecture. Hence, they feel comfortable watching educational videos to understand concepts anytime and at any place.

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Educational video requires students to sit in front of a screen and watch whatever is going on on the screen. A podcast is different and does not need the student to look at this screen continuously. It is an audio form of education, close to listening to music. Podcasts are helpful for students who like to study at almost all times, especially when they are traveling and don’t have much to do. They can also listen to podcasts before going to sleep and even fall asleep to some informative podcasts. 

Mobile applications

During the pandemic, people were coming up with wonderful and ground-breaking ideas to make learning more inclusive. Using mobile applications has since then become very common. Because different profile applications have different features, students can use a few apps and pick the best one that helps them prepare conveniently for upcoming examinations.

Applications with a lot of mock tests and sample papers are the most useful ones. Students can take online exams in the application itself and even track their progress reports by constantly testing themselves on the app.

Online notes

Online notes are easier to make because students can copy and paste data from PDF files uploaded in LMS portals, and even customize all the data by typing out extra information they have gathered from multiple references. Later, if students wish to have a physical copy of it, they can print out these online notes. The right application for making notes allows students to customize their notes and add some pictures, graphs, and charts for easier learning.


EBooks are usually provided by the E library of a school management system. Because it is not possible for students to issue multiple books at the same time, libraries give out PDF forms of books or customized pages from the topics that students are required to study. These books can be viewed with the help of the right Internet application or mobile application. In fact, it is more affordable for students in high school and college because they have multiple references to follow and it is simply not possible for them to make so many purchases. 


Ultimately it depends on the student whether they want to progress because without their initiative no mobile application or trick is going to help them excel in upcoming examinations. These mentioned tricks are useful only if students are interested in progress by putting in their efforts consistently.


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