Do You Know About the Zorb Ball?

Juliet D'cruz

Do You Know About the Zorb Ball?

Whether you’re rolling downhill, walking on water, or pushing yourself or a friend through an obstacle course while zorbing, it’s hard not to have fun.

A huge, inflated, flexible plastic ball that one can climb inside is called a zorb. It resembles a human-sized inflatable hamster ball but lacks the rodent variety’s hard shell. They can be applied on water, grass, snow, or ice.

Ingenious “zorbers” have created a variety of entertaining zorb ball games. It is in the water and other aquatic games, zorb sumo wrestling. People have used balls in incredibly inventive ways, and we are just now starting to grasp how much fun they can be. 

It has been featured in numerous well-known tv shows and online films (such as this youtube movie showcasing the ball magnus effect).

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Understanding zorbing

  • The history of zorbing

Despite the fact that they may seem like a recent innovation, bubble balls have been around for more than 20 years. They have also been an idea for a lengthier period of time.

In 1975, French architect Gilles Ebersolt created the first inflatable ball that was human-sized and functioned as we know it today. Ebersolt created a ball that he termed his “ballule,” which is french for “bubble,” when he was still a young man. The ballule functioned similarly to a contemporary ball save from the fact that it pressurised itself using inverted vacuum cleaners.

In the 1970s and 1980s, ebersole’s ballule made its debut on international television while he was a member of the conseil de prud’ hommes, but he never turned his invention into a for-sale inflatable item.

Andrew Akers and Dwayne van der sluis of rotorua, new zealand, who founded the business zorb limited in 1994, are credited with coining the phrase “zorb ball.” The first zorbing park and the first commercial human hamster ball in the world were both created by the zorb corporation.

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  • Zorb ball concept

Despite the fact that akers and van der sluis popularised the phrases “zorb ball” and “zorbing,” gilles ebersolt’s concept from 20 years earlier is very similar to theirs. Since then, they haven’t moved around as much.

The zorb ball’s design appears to be quite straightforward (though a bit harder to manufacture, of course). In essence, it consists of a smaller ball wrapped in a vinyl or pvc ball.

These balls have a huge number of tiny nylon strings tied to them. After that, a commercial blower is used to inflate the outer ball. Via a tube that resembles a tunnel, the user enters the inner ball. There are some balls with one entrance and others with two.

One or even both openings can be sealed off using a “donut,” an additional inflatable that blocks the entrance pipes. The zorb ball can be used unhooked on hills, grass, ice, snow, and nearly any other exterior layer (just be careful not to get it scuffed up on pavement).

The zorb ball can be used safely on the water after being sealed shut with a donut. Some people who enjoy water zorbing will add a small bit of water to the ball so that it can sprinkle while they are having fun.

  •  Zorbing activities

The balls were created, and soon after that, people came up with different ways to enjoy them. Zorb parks, which have popped up recently all over the world (including a few in the United states), occasionally offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for whole families.

Climbing into an inflated ball and rolling down a steep hill is one of the most popular and straightforward inflatable ball sports. All there is to it is that. You wouldn’t believe how much pleasure it is to slide downhill.

The majority of professional parks and “gravity parks” in the globe offer some kind of downhill experience. You may always utilize a grass hill with a modest slope if you don’t have access to a gravity park (again, use caution!). The majority of winter toboggan hills must be suitable for zorbing.

Another well-known pastime is ball wrestling, in which two “combatants” attempt to knock one another out of a specific region by rolling into one another, frequently on a track. It resembles sumo wrestling, but within hamster-shaped human bodies.

Soccer played with a ball is becoming more and more well-liked as a serious sport as well as a fun game. In zorb soccer, often known as “zorb ball football” around the world, players move soccer balls around the field while running and rolling in their inflated balls, frequently with their feet inside or outside the balls. 


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