Common Causes Of Workplace Injuries

Juliet D'cruz

Common Causes Of Workplace Injuries

A workplace can be dangerous if not taken care of. If you are a working professional in the industry sector, the risk of workplace injuries could increase. The critical factor is recovering and claiming your injury suit against the workplace injury if any. Workers are protected by the law if they sustain injuries at the workplace. You can file for compensation claim with the help of a Jersey City personal injury lawyer.

Taking precautions may not be enough. To ensure safety, one should be aware of the most common causes of workplace injuries.

Common causes of workplace injuries.  

  • Slip and fall 

Most workplace injuries are caused by slipping or tripping over something in the workplace. The object that causes the accident could be a loose wire hanging around, wet floors, debris on the floors, etc. It could be dangerous even though these objects have a minimal role. Just sleeping over it and spraining a knee or injuring the shoulder could result in a long–term injury or loss of a limb in worst cases. Ensure you keep an eye out for anything that would lead you into slipping and avoid the accident. 

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  • Overexertion 

Any employee may feel tired or overexerted by prolonged hours of physical activity. These activities could be lifting, pulling, pushing, or transferring objects around the workplace. After the victim feels tired and starts showing a lack of energy, they may likely get injured. Take necessary breaks when in a workplace. Pushing yourself into working more would result in an accident due to the lack of energy and focus.  

  • Falling 

Falling from a lower, same, or higher level is one of the most common causes of injuries. These falls occur mainly at construction sites or any work involving a certain height. Consistently keep an eye out for these problems; many victims have faced significant injuries after falling from any height. Be precautious and avoid falling by staying steady and focusing on the path. The best way to avoid falling is by maintaining your balance and lane. 

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  • Unorganized Workplaces 

Last but not least, a workplace that is not organized for efficient processing of operations would result in more injuries within the employees. Poor housekeeping at the workplace makes it dirty to work in. 

If possible, keep your desk organized at all times and ensure to stay away from hazards or signs that indicate one may face an injury if ignored.  Contact a Jersey City lawyer if your superiors avoid measures to maintain the workplace. 


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