Juliet D'cruz

CBD for Golfers: Reasons Why Golfers are Turning to CBD

When playing golf one has to make sure that everything is in place. The clubs must be well and clean. The gloves must be ready and the caddy should have enough power. But what if the focus is not there? The entire point of golf may be rendered moot. Thus we are here to discuss how CBD helps with the game of many golfers. 

Overview of CBD

Marijuana has been a taboo in the world for as long as we can remember. The hippie movement in the United States threw light on this drug which makes the head go light and live stress-free. Besides it being illegal, it was also frowned upon by the people. But now the acceptance has increased and many people are known to use CBD Oil for their benefit. 

Cannabis is the second most popular strain in the marijuana family. There are many studies going on around it. What makes the herb more special is that, unlike its sister plant, cannabis does not contain any THC. Also known as tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive drug that produces hallucinations in the brain. It may also cause dementia and meddle with brain development. 

Since cannabis is devoid of material, it can be used for its other benefits. apart from some health benefits that have been known to help a lot of patients that suffer from chronic pain. It has also been known to help with depression and release the symptoms of anxiety and recent studies have found that it helps with autism as well.  

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How does it help with golf? 

We established that cannabis has a lot of advantages that help a person remain healthy, both physically and mentally. But on a less serious note, cannabis can help with things like sports as well. Many people have been found using it before their performance. Today one such sport will be golf that we will be talking about. 

A lot of golfers have observed that their games have become better with the intake of CBD Oil. The game of golf may look easy but in fact has a lot of rules to it. Moreover, there is a heavy ball that needs to be swung as far as possible. To maintain the gestures among other things, golfers have started using CBD and experienced the following benefits: 

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Focus improvement 

If you play gold, you will know that the game requires a lot of patience and a lot of focus. The ball has to be smacked from a distance to get it as close to the hole as possible. Therefore you will have to be cautious of where you hit the ball and with what force and angle. 

Performance pressure 

Some matches take place under bets. Therefore sometimes, even if there isn’t a bet, people can get competitive. In such times one can get nervous under the performance pressure which may not be good for the game. 

Anxiety and stress 

The herb already helps with anxiety and stress. It helps massively with relieving the pressure and helps you loosen up. When you have a calm head you will be able to focus on the game better. Thus you will have better performance when you are not fidgety about everything. 

Golf injuries 

If you think that golf is just standing there pointing at some ball, you are thoroughly wrong. Golf is a serious game and like all other games, it may injure you at times. You may sprain your wrist or have a frozen shoulder. You may also experience muscle pull. Cbd is known to help greatly with pain and it stands true to many golfers. 


With the above discussions, we understand that CBD as well as having many health benefits also works with other things. Sports like golf, badminton among others have greatly improved with the introduction of this herb. Hence it is best to make the best out of it.