Buy a French phone number for SMS

Charlotte Miller

Buy a French phone number for SMS

Every day there are more and more different applications on the Internet. All kinds of games, weather forecasts, ordering food at home, paying utility bills, ordering cabs and much more. All this and not only become available to us with the help of applications. But to start using these indispensable helpers, you will need to register for a French phone number.

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The very procedure of registration on various sites is not very difficult for users. As a rule, you may need an email and a cell phone number for the verification code. But there are many situations where, for one reason or another, people do not want to use a personal phone number. And you can understand them. Recently, it has become very common for personal information to fall into the hands of criminals. There are more and more cases of hacking personal pages on many sites. You can solve this and other problems by using virtual numbers.

Why do I need a French phone number?

Virtual number for receiving SMS is a special number with the code of the existing operator. They are easy, safe and inexpensive to use. Using a virtual foreign number, you can access almost any service. How it works, in more detail let’s look at the example of virtual number of France.

It’s no secret that nowadays many foreign sites have stopped their activities in Russia. Using a virtual phone number of France, this problem is easily solved. You can create an account for any service not available in Russia. France numbers are suitable for creating an account on social networks, messengers, emails, gaming sites, dating sites.

Virtual numbers of France: features

Restoring access. Agree, not a very pleasant situation when you are blocked access to any site. A virtual phone number in France will allow you to easily create a new account and regain access to content.

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Multiple participation in promotions. Everyone knows that at the first registration on many sites the user is offered good discounts, bonuses, free shipping. Virtual numbers of France will allow you to become a “new customer” an unlimited number of times.

Possibility to create several accounts. As a rule you can register not more than one account on your phone number in the chosen service. This problem can be solved with virtual number. You can create as many accounts as you need.

Privacy. When you register with your own phone number, there’s a risk that your data will fall into the hands of fraudsters. Using a French phone number, you’ll keep your personal information safe. You won’t be disturbed by suspicious calls and advertising mailings.

Types of Virtual Numbers

One-time number for receiving SMS. This option is perfect for those who want to create multiple accounts on one site. In addition, the cost of such a number is affordable for any budget. But to reuse this number, unfortunately, it is not possible.

Leased number. If you rent a number for a certain period, you can significantly multiply the possibilities of registration. You will be able to repeatedly receive SMS from the desired site. Not only that, you will be able to register on any available services of the chosen country.

How to buy a French phone number for SMS

Now there are many services where you can buy virtual numbers of France. One of them is a company SMS-Man. Here you can buy numbers of almost all countries at affordable prices. In addition, the process of purchase and registration will not take you much time. In order to buy a phone number of France, you must do the following:

1.Go to the registration page and create an account.

2.Sign in the account and refill the balance in any convenient way on the appropriate tab.

account registration

3.After the crediting go to the main page, choose the country “France” and the desired service, and then click “buy”.


4.Insert the received number in the registration form on the chosen platform and click the receive sms button so that the verification code appears.

5.Use the verification code to complete the registration.

As a result, you have learned how to buy a French phone number for sms.