Charlotte Miller

Best forex news sites

Forex trading has become more accessible over the years. Long gone are the days of ringing up a broker, where you would feel like an imposter if you were only trading small sums of money. Today, practically any adult can sign up to a FX broker and begin trading from their phone.

This has brought about more demand for financial news. Consuming content has moved away from newspapers and TV, instead becoming more personalised and niche. As a result, there have never been more FX news channels to get your information from. This article will look at some of those, and why the decision about what you read is important.

Importance of Reliable Forex News

Forex markets are very sensitive to global events, ranging from geopolitical shifts to economic indicators. This sensitivity means it’s really important to consume accurate and timely news – which has always been the case. 

Reliable Forex news can provide many different insights, from currency pair movements to pointing out moments of high volatility. They also help piece together for you why things are happening, which paints a picture of what’s going on in the world. Making sense of many different currency pairs is difficult, so the analysis and storytelling provided are also important, not just the updating of raw numbers.

And, fast-paced Forex markets mean that information becomes outdated rather quickly. A good night’s sleep can be the difference in global sentiment towards a currency, such as the moment that the Brexit results rolled in, or with this year’s upcoming elections… 

But, FX news can be equally as dangerous too, when providing misguided insights and untrustworthy claims. It’s not worth having your outlook shaped by news entities that you know little about, as they may not be held accountable for poor reporting.

Tailoring News Consumption to Trading Style

Your trading style can dictate the kind of news that will be most beneficial to you. For those involved with CFD trading, which uses leveraged positions for greater exposure, it’s likely they often engage in more rapid, short-term trades. This makes real-time updates from trusted sites very important, as they want to be early in the new knowledge that is being understood. CFD trading comes with heightened risks so people want to ensure they’re not late to the party with news.

But, traders or investors focused on long-term strategies or using Forex for hedging might prefer comprehensive, slower-paced analysis. The immediacy of news may not be a priority, and instead, they might prefer long-reads that help make global markets make sense. For example, truly getting a feel for broader fundamentals that may impact FX, like geopolitical events.

Top Dedicated Forex News Sites


A standout for its real-time coverage, Forexlive is a common choice for traders needing instant updates on Forex movements. Its strength lies in delivering up-to-the-minute news. But, it also comes with detailed technical analysis, which is useful for traders making time-sensitive decisions. 

The site stands out for its focus on live commentary, which provides insights into market sentiments and potential currency fluctuations as they happen.


FXStreet is known for its comprehensive approach. It offers an extensive range of Forex news, analysis and forecasts. Its unique selling point is the customisable news feed, allowing traders to tailor the information to their specific currency pairs or interests. This ups a trader’s efficiency when reading news, as it cuts out less important news stories. FXStreet’s offers in-depth FX analysis, including expert opinions and technical perspectives. is suitable for all types of traders, and of varying expertise, due to its educational content. It blends market analysis with educational resources, which essentially makes Forex a lot more accessible to the layman. BabyPips offers a unique blend of up-to-date market news and practical trading tips, grounded in solid educational material. This aspect of learning and application sets them apart in many ways, as it not only informs traders about current market conditions but also promotes continuous learning (something that is important for FX traders, as there’s always something you don’t know).

Top Financial News Sites


Bloomberg is a titan in the world of financial news as it offers an unrivalled depth of analysis and data on global markets. It provides coverage on economic indicators, market trends, geopolitical events, and many other indicators of Forex markets. Traders favour Bloomberg for its sophisticated data analytics and detailed market reports; it’s the sort of analysis that can help you stay informed with longer trends. But, importantly, it also covers Forex-specific analysis, too.


With a reputation for accuracy, Reuters is a go-to source for real-time global news. In fact, it often becomes a new source that newspapers simply use for their own print. Its coverage spans economic reports, political developments, and market analysis, meaning that it provides a holistic view. 

Reuters is perhaps less focused on FX (though it will cover some stories on it). But, when it comes to trustworthiness, nothing tops Reuters. This means that you can have absolute confidence in its news reporting, much of which fundamental traders will find useful. 

The above mix of sites offers a balanced outlook on the world, from Forex-specific trends to broader economic and market news.