Best Crypto Tax Software and Tracker

Juliet D'cruz

Best Crypto Tax Software and Tracker

When it comes to filing your taxes, settling up with the IRS can be challenging if you’ve been exchanging cryptocurrencies frequently. Even the top cryptocurrency exchanges aren’t necessarily required to provide tax documents describing your annual activities, unlike stockbrokers. You are responsible for determining how much money you made last year and how that will affect your taxes.

In recent years, a number of software firms have developed programmes to assist traders and investors in getting ready to submit taxes for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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These apps typically build records of your earnings and losses using information from your exchange. The ability to create an IRS Form 8949 based on your records is a crucial component of crypto tax software.

This form is different from the one a stockbroker could send you listing your equity transactions over the course of the past year because it is used to report sales of capital assets.

Depending on your demands, crypto tax software vendors may frequently offer a variety of different reports and services. Notably, the majority of top products support tax-loss harvesting, which can assist you in lowering your taxes when you sell investments for less than you originally paid for them.

How to pick the top cryptocurrency tax software?

Is there a direct connection to your cryptocurrency exchange?

Numerous suppliers create reports by connecting directly to significant exchanges and downloading all of your transactions’ data. But not every software can connect to all exchanges, so if yours doesn’t, you could have to download data from your exchange and manually submit it.

Does it integrate with your software for filing taxes?

The computer applications that assist you in filing your tax returns frequently have direct interfaces with cryptocurrency tax software. While the connectivity is typically available, other programmes only occasionally do so.


How many trades do you make?

Depending on how many transactions you’ve completed over the course of a year, several platforms provide tiers of pricing. You might be able to determine which is the most cost-effective choice by quickly reviewing your trading history.

Is crypto tax software even necessary?

You might be able to get by with the services provided by the company that provides your current tax preparation software. For instance, some crypto portfolio trackers claim to be able to import data directly from some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

It can be challenging to track your assets’ gains and losses among the thousands of cryptocurrencies.

People frequently overlook crucial information and mismanage their cryptocurrency investments. That is particularly true for serious investors who have a diverse portfolio.

Some people continue to manage their portfolios using the conventional spreadsheet method. And that’s really OK at first. 

These instruments, though, may come in handy as you mature and become a little more mobile.

On a related point, you can use the top crypto staking platforms and cryptocurrency staking to implement your ideal investments.

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