BE Full Form: Meaning And Definition

You must have searched BE full form? Here, In this article, I will tell you the full form of BE, meaning, and definition. Below you will get every detail that will help you understand the BE and its meaning. Keep reading the article till the end to know what is the full form of BE?

BE Full Form 

BE full form is Bachelor of Engineering.

B-Bachelor of


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BE degree full form 

BE degree full form is  Bachelor of Engineering

B-Bachelor of


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It is the first professional undergraduate academic degree program in engineering which is of four years. This degree is equivalent to the B.Tech degree.

BE Full Form in Education 

BE full form in education is Bachelor of Engineering.



BE meaning in educational is degree of the Bachelor of Engineering. The BE degree is awarded to the students who complete the course of four years clearing the eight semesters in engineering.

BE Full Form In Economics

Full form of BE in Economics is Bill of Exchange

B – Bill of 

E – Exchange

BE meaning in Economics is Bill of Exchange. It is a written order in which the amount that one person has to pay to another is specified along with the timing. You can also call Bill of Exchange a draft and it is usually negotiable.

BE Full Form In Medical

BE in medical stands for Barium Enema.

B – Barium 

E – Enema


BE or Barium Enema is a test in which the large intestines are viewed through the x-ray examination. It may be performed for various reasons such as for the diagnosis of Colon or any inflammatory disease.

Be Full Form In Chemistry

Be in chemistry means Beryllium. 

Be – Beryllium

Be symbol is used to represent the chemical element beryllium with the atomic number 4. It is a mineral that got its name from the Belur in southern India.


BE Stands For 

BE stand for Bachelor of Engineering.

B-Bachelor of



B Tech Full Form


The B Tech stands for Bachelor of Technology. It is an undergraduate engineering degree program that is of four years. The B Tech degree is offered in various specializations and it opens good prospects for students to get into different careers.



Is BE and B Tech the same?

The BE or Bachelor of Engineering program is more theoretical and knowledgeable in nature whereas the B Tech program is more skill and practical oriented. Both degrees are valued equally and are considered equivalent.

What are the courses in BE?

There are many courses in BE out of which few are mentioned below

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Information Technology

What is the qualification of BE?

The Bachelor of Engineering or BE degree is awarded to the student who completes the four-year course of engineering without any backs or failures. The entry to BE requires completion of 10+2 years of schooling.


In this article, I have given information about the full form of BE . You will also get to know the different meanings of BE in various sectors. I have also mentioned the important details and facts that you must know about BE. I am sure that after going through the article you will get complete knowledge about the BE full form and its meaning.



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Is BE and B Tech same?

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