Bayya Sunny Yadav Wiki, Girlfriend, Age, Phone, Bike, Height

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Bayya Sunny Yadav Wiki, Girlfriend, Age, Phone, Bike, Height

Bayya Sunny Yadav Wiki: For those who follow Youtube regularly, Bayya Sunny yadav is a known name. This guy has a good following on the social media and youtube as well. He is a vlogger and he does bike rides with his friends to different places. Sunny Yadav wasn’t good at studies, He didn’t even get through the Poly Technic college. He came to know that studies aren’t his choice, He spent most of the time in his house.

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Bayya Sunny Yadav Biography

He joined many institutes as well, But later on he decided to make Youtube Videos. Sunny said in an recent interview that he has decided to become a vlogger after failing the Polytechnic exams. 

When he began his youtube videos, There was no one with me. He thought that entertainment was lacking in his videos, So instead of doing the regular stuff he started doing things differently. His best friends are Surender Reddy and vamsi. He mentioned in an interview that it costs almost 50K to 70K rupees per ride which is quite enough for 20 days of trip. His trip to Ladakh with his friends was a very beautiful video.

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Now his dream ride is to go to London from India on bike. But he says that he needs more money like many lakhs will be spent on this, So it is postponed as of now. Apart from Ladakh, Sunny Yadav has completed huge rides like Nepal, Manali and other long rides in India. He also said that he is planning for another international tour soon.

Bayya Sunny Yadav is from Nuthankal, Surypaet. His favorite bike is KTM Adventure 790-R that’s what he rides now. He is looking for sponsors now for his videos. He keeps 30-40% of his earnings as savings for his next trip for his bike maintenance as well. Sunny Yadav likes to watch movies in his free time.

So this is all the info we have about Bayya Sunny Yadav, If you want to see new places on your mobile. Follow his youtube channel and see the beauty of the nature.