Juliet D'cruz


As standing desks gain more and more popularity among people with long working hours, the range of the variety of products also becomes wider. Standing desks can be regular wooden standing desks or even electric ones. Electric standing desks are more expensive but they are also equipped with many fascinating features to give you a comfortable and healthy working space. But are electric standing desks really beneficial or overrated? Let’s find out here!


Working on regular desks requires you to spend a lot of time sitting in a tiny confined space, but standing desks allow you to work while standing as well. They are also referred to as height-adjustable desks as their height can be adjusted according to your convenience. Standing desks have been scientifically proven as beneficial alternatives to stuffy regular desks that force you to sit in a small place for too long. For many people, it can become the cause of severe health conditions like depression, obesity, heart diseases, etc. Standing desks are available in many different forms like wooden standing desks and electric standing desks. 

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The standing desk culture has given rise to many creative ideas, one of which is the electric standing desk. It has many unique and user friendly features that make it beneficial for use in long working hours. Here are the benefits of using electric standing desks:

  1. It has many different unique and creative features like USB charging ports, speakers, auto-adjustment systems, etc that make it very beneficial for people who have long working hours and need many different services at their disposal.
  2. They are very elegant and spacious as they don’t have many levers or manual control systems that take up space which allows you to have a wider workspace. It is also an amazing investment for people that love to decorate their desks as it is elegant and gives them more space for desk decor items and desk plants.
  3. In regular standing desks, switching from the standing mode to sitting more or vice versa can be very energy-consuming and noisy but with electric standing desks it is very easy to switch modes without much inconvenience. 
  4. You have to put in a lot of effort and work into making any changes in regular desks but in electric standing desks there are levers or manual systems that you need to put your energy into, you can easily make adjustments using different automatic control systems on the desk itself.

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Electric standing desks, while very beneficial, also have some limitations that make them imperfect. They are a perfect match for most people, but many drawbacks make them inaccessible as well. Here are some limitations of using electric standing desks:

  1. Electric standing desks, as the name suggests, depend on electricity input to work efficiently. They use up a lot of energy and always need to be plugged into an outlet when you’re working to make use of the features. In case of a power cut, it essentially becomes the same as regular standing desks.
  2. Once it’s broken or used beyond its limit it can not be taken care of or rescued. You’d have to throw it away if there is even a slight problem with it.
  3. Electric standing desks are much more expensive than regular standing desks. Of course, they come with many features, but at the end of the day, they’ll become useless without a power supply.
  4. As there are many different attachments and features in electric standing desks, it can be a little harder to use or get accustomed to for some people than regular standing desks. 


Electric standing desks have both flaws and benefits that can not be overlooked. Let’s compare it with a regular wooden standing desk to see what is better:

  1. Electric standing desks are quite expensive in comparison to wooden standing desks. 
  2. Electric standing desks come with many features that reduce the amount of manual labor you have to use for adjusting the height and other features, unlike regular wooden standing desks. 
  3. Electric standing desks provide a lot of free space and autonomy to the user over the control system which is not rigid like wooden standing desks. But unlike wooden standing desks, they can not be fixed or reused with some creative work. 
  4. Because of the several features and technological perks, electric standing desks can also be harder to use for many people, so it is better to use wood standing desks unless your work can only be done on electric standing desks.


Yes, electric standing desks are quite overrated. Unless you have very specific needs for your office, it is better to opt for a wooden standing desk for long working hours since they are cheaper in comparison and provide you firm back support and can be easily fixed as well. While electric standing desks have many features, they also require an unlimited and uninterrupted power supply which makes them quite inaccessible as well.