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Add Elegance to your Wardrobe with Kanjivaram silk sarees online shopping

Carefully woven from pure mulberry silk thread, the fine and durable Kanjeevaram sarees are considered to be special, a perfect choice for festivals and special occasions. Heavy silk with a golden glimmer adds elegance to you and your wardrobe. 

Kanjeevaram sarees online are famous for motifs used in them, mostly based on temples, palaces and paintings. Also, depicting the local flora, fauna, temple architecture and ritual objects such as jasmine, peacock, temple tower, sprinklers of scented water and so on. 

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Kanjivaram silk sarees are woven with gold zari to keep the beautiful patterns alive. The art of weaving Kanjeevaram sarees originated in Tamil Nadu, India. Kanjivaram silk sarees have always been high in demand due to the variety of colours and their rich designs. The rich history adds more glamour and beauty to these sarees. 

Make this gorgeous Kanjeevaram saree a part of your collection! A Kanjivaram silk saree has a mesmerizing beauty that can’t be compared to any other. The vivid colour combinations and enchanting designs on these sarees give them a royal and fantastic touch. The artistic splendour of the Kanjivaram silk saree will not only add beauty to your persona but also make you feel like royalty.

What makes Kanjeevaram saree special?

  • The Kanjeevaram saree is a wardrobe must-have because of its ability to maintain its color and pattern over time. The silk used in these sarees is very fine, soft and durable, so even after many years of wearing your Kanjivaram silk saree it will still look as good as new!
  • The saree is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The intricate designs are made by weaving different colored silks together to form beautiful patterns.
  • The intricate design and weaves are the reason why Kanjeevaram sarees are still in trend and women just love wearing them no matter what the occasion is. The very popular Kanjivaram silk saree can be worn at any occasion, whether it is a party, festivals or a wedding ceremony. 

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Kanjeevaram Sarees and its accesories

With its unique features, Kanjivaram silk sarees are a must-have for your wardrobe. Woven with strands of pure silk gold and silver thread it gives the Kanjeevaram saree an absolute royal look. 

The silky-smooth texture of the Kanjivaram silk saree is sure to pamper your looks on any occasion. Beautifully designed, this handloom Kanjeevaram saree is a wonder for all those who own it.

Wearing a Kanjivaram silk saree for formal wear, one can choose to add minimal oxidised jewellery that gives a trendy modern look which is great for conferences, and night outs. While wearing Kanjeevaram saree for festivities and weddings one can simply add gold or silver jewellery for a complete traditional royal look.

With a rich history, Kanjivaram silk saree is one of the oldest varieties of handwoven silk saree and is also referred to as Cochin Silk Saree.  They are woven with pure silk yarns, which give them a shimmering lustre, making them very popular among saree connoisseurs. 

Kanjeevaram sarees online are available in many bright colours like pink, red, maroon, yellow, orange and green. The most popular colour for Kanjeevaram sarees is magenta. Generally, kanjeevaram sarees online are woven in shades of beige, off white, peach or pink with a border of gold stripes or black stripes giving them a lustrous look. 

Buying authentic kanjeevaram sarees online

Are you wearing a genuine kanjeevaram saree? How to be sure?
Kanjivaram silk sarees are known for their unique way of dying, which results in a specific smell. Do the burn test to 2-3 of the warp and weft threads to see if they produce ash. If they do, it means that the saree is made from pure silk. If not, it’s probably a synthetic version of the material.


Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping are a great choice for every woman out there. They give a delicate supreme look when worn perfectly with matching jewellery. Browse through varieties of sarees for Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping on websites like Taneira to find 100%  genuine Kanjeevaram Sarees online.