A Comprehensive Guide On Mudon Community

Juliet D'cruz

A Comprehensive Guide On Mudon Community

An upscale suburban gated community which is perfect for families, Mudon is positioned in Dubailand. This villa community is the most recent destination for families living in Dubai. 

In essence, Mudon is a self-sustained development featuring townhouses and villas just off the city’s busy areas. It guarantees a serene and calm lifestyle away from the hustle bustle of the city.

The nature of Mudon is – a peaceful environment with complete security. Even though security is not that needed in the Emirate, it removes the doubt that you’re not protected. 

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Families who want to shift to Mudon can make their choice between off-plan phases of properties and ready-to-move-in villas. Since the development is expanding and booming, more properties will be added soon. The major characteristics of Mudon are:

  • Who lives here? All sizes of families.
  • Address: Beside Emirates Road, in Dubailand.
  • Accomodation: Townhouses and Villas.
  • Great for: A sense of community, serenity, and pets.
  • Price tag: Expensive
  • Not ideal for: Young couples, bachelors, and public transportation users.
  • In daytime: Peaceful and quiet, with empty roads.
  • At nighttime: Be a part of action at Al Salam community.

Public Transportation in Mudon:

  • F32 RTA bus stop from Al Qudra
  • F32 RTA bus stop from Al Salam Town Center

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The areas you can reach from Mudon are:

  • Mall of the Emirates: 25 minutes
  • Jumeirah Beach Road: 15 minutes
  • Global Village: 20 minutes
  • Downtown Dubai: 30 minutes
  • Dubai International Airport: 35 minutes
  • Dubai Autodrome: 15 minutes
  • Plantation & Polo Equestrian Club: 13 minutes
  • Al Makhtoum International Airport: 26 minutes
  • Dubai Miracle Garden: 15 minutes
  • Dragon Mart: 25 minutes
  • Mall of the Emirates: 22 minutes
  • Ibn Battuta Mall: 25 minutes

The Available Amenities and Facilities at Mudon

  • Mosque
  • Al Salam Community Center
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Schools
  • Parks and basketball courts.
  • Mudon football pitch

When it comes to shared facilities, Mudon is extremely popular. The Al Salam Community Center is also very demanding as it fulfills all needs – salons, supermarkets, cafes, pet shops, and restaurants. Other amenities that are easily accessible are a few minutes away. But they are connected to prominent highway roads. 

The Lifestyle in Mudon 

Mudon is a family-oriented neighborhood brimming with familial amenities and facilities. This suburban area contains many parks and villas within. Inhabitants participate in public exercise daily to stay fit. Pet owners are not restricted in any way, and children engage in the communal parks. 

In simple words, whatever one can expect from a gated, residential development is offered in Mudon. The whole address is composed of smaller gated districts with separate security guards.

The lifestyle here is anything but fast-paced. Occupants can lead a tranquil and calm neighborhood. Mudon is every nature lover’s dream enveloped in greenery. There is nothing not admirable about Mudon. 

And the neighborhood offers the privacy as demanded by the residents, along with ensuring communal amenities and community centers to fulfill all requirements.

There are lots of jogging tracks, swimming pools, basketball courts, and football fields that encourage occupants to participate in outdoor activities and live an active lifestyle due to the facilities. 

Mudon at Daytime

It’s not unusual to see parents dropping off their children at nurseries before heading to their jobs. The reason is because there is a devoted children’s nursery in Mudon community. 

There are also plenty of moms quickly grabbing some groceries at the supermarket in Al Salam Community Center. Other people catch up with their friends at coffee shops.

When the weather cools down in the evening, you can see nannies escorting their kids to playgrounds, pet owners walking around with their furry friends, and kids riding their bikes to their friend’s homes in the streets. 

Mudon at Nighttime

Life at night is as wholesome as in the morning. Occupants can relax and unwind after an exhausting day. The environment allows relaxation as it is highly tranquil and peaceful in the districts. 

However, it can get lively in the sub-communities. For instance, Al Salam Community Center is always buzzing with facilities to choose from at nighttime and inhabitants can visit the restaurants, catch up with friends, or do some shopping.

The nighttime at Mudon is very safe, which means you can walk throughout the development, take a stroll before sleeping, or go to your friend’s house. There are security gates surrounding each district and the constant 24/7 security system guarantees the highest quality of comfort. 

A self-sustained neighborhood brings a natural sense of tranquility, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some occupants desire an active lifestyle with illuminated shops and bustling streets. But this is not the vibe of Mudon, which is why it is ideal for families who want to bring up their kids in a safe place. Children can roam around freely without worrying about anything.

This address is a family hub, which makes it a flawless place to make family friends as everyone is very friendly, embracing, and wouldn’t hesitate to welcome you to the community.

Plenty of expats who wish to create a sense of community living in Dubai choose to reside in Mudon, along with some Emirati locals who want to reside within a safe neighborhood.

Properties for Sale and Rent in Mudon

The average rental cost of Mudon properties are as follows:

  • A 3-bedroom townhouse for AED 125k.
  • A 3-bedroom villa for AED 190k.
  • A 4-bedroom townhouse for AED 150k.
  • A 4-bedroom villa for AED 220k.

The average sale cost of Mudon properties are:

  • A 3-bedroom townhouse for AED 1 million.
  • A 3-bedroom villa for AED 3 million.
  • A 4-bedroom townhouse for AED 2 million.
  • A 4-bedroom villa for AED 4 million.

The Type of Properties in Mudon

Mudon is composed of the following enriching and safe districts:

  • A total of 4 districts are included in Mudon, one of which is Mudon Views. Mudon Views showcases 1 to 3 bedroom apartments.
  • Rahat is composed of 362 4-bedroom townhouses.
  • Arabella Townhouses 2 is composed of semi-detached villas.
  • Naseem is composed of 240 3 to 5 bedroom independent villas, and 129 4-bedroom townhouses.
  • Arabella villas for sale are semi-detached. 

The neighborhood is separated from the arterial highways due to walls, plants, and trees to offer a community feeling. Noise level of Mudon is extremely minimal, and can only get a bit noisy at shared amenities, such as shopping malls, schools, and swimming pools. 

The occupants are well-aware of the serene lifestyle and try not to be noisy. Since the homes are not constructed close to each other, the nature of the properties grant flexibility with noise production. 

Not only this, the highest speed limit in the neighborhood is 60 km/hour, which means that you won’t be bothered by any honking or vehicle noise from the traffic.