7 Ways to Use a Cryo Cuff for Cold Therapy

Juliet D'cruz

7 Ways to Use a Cryo Cuff for Cold Therapy

If only bodies were indestructible. Life would be much easier if we could run, jog, lift, work, and do anything we wanted without risk of injury or inflammation. Unfortunately, the reality is at some point you’ll hurt yourself, no matter how active you are. 

There are lots of useful ways to rehabilitate your body, even if surgery isn’t needed. Cryotherapy is a great way to help yourself heal when you’re in recovery mode, whether or not surgery is involved. A cryo cuff treats pain and inflammation of various joints and parts of the body. 

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A Simple Way to be Rid of Pain

You can purchase a cryo cuff for several different ailments:

  • Ankle pain
  • Knee problems
  • Foot aches
  • Hand and wrist issues
  • Shoulder problems
  • Back pain
  • Hip or rib pain

The cuff works with a pump built into a cooler to provide cold therapy and compression. The cyclical compression and cold therapy combined helps to cut down on pain, swelling, and risks of edema. Think of the way compression socks work to reduce swelling around the ankles. It’s perfect for swollen joints and to bring down inflammation.

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Do you often work using a computer? If you’re a frequent typist or scroller, you know how much that can bother your wrists. A wrist cryo cuff can address your pain and may even help with symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Many jobs are tough on the back as well. Cryotherapy is excellent for debilitating back pain that can affect your sleep and even your ability to do your job. The cyclical compression and cold therapy combined.

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A Cryo Cuff is a Must for Post-Op Therapy

If you’ve ever had knee replacement or rotator cuff surgery, you know how much swelling occurs in the initial recovery period. While your doctor will likely prescribe physical therapy in the form of stretches and exercise, a cryo cuff is an excellent therapeutic device as well. 

Keeping inflammation down along with addressing pain at the source assists your efforts to regain full range of motion and may decrease recovery time as well. Additionally, because it’s so easy to use, you can use it anytime you need. Some motors are battery powered or use gravity for water flow, so those are portable too, meaning you can literally do cryotherapy anywhere. 

Don’t Suffer from Pain in Silence

It’s imperative to speak up if you’re having issues with swelling or pain. Even if you don’t need surgery right away (or at all) physical therapy can be helpful in addressing many of your issues. Cryo therapy using a cryo cuff is a fantastic addition to any therapy regimen and may even speed up your recovery process.

While you do need a qualified medical professional to prescribe cold therapy, you can order cryo coolers and cuffs online so there’s no need to drag yourself out to a store while you’re hurting. Get one now and be ready to finally relieve from the pain.


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