7 Things That Slow Down Ageing

Berry Mathew

7 Things That Slow Down Ageing

Who does not want to stop the aging process? But it’s sad that you can’t stop the ageing process. There is no cure nor can you avoid this. But you can slow down the ageing process and can alter the effect of time on your body.

Ageing is a biological process in which body losses its physical and mental ability to work slowly. We cannot stop this ageing process but we can slow down the process by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

So, why not to take this step and enjoy a good health in your old age? In this article we will discuss all the steps that will slow down the ageing process and make you physically and mentally fit.

Here are some of the factors that delay the fountain of youth. Let’s check out.


Exercise is not only necessary for young, healthy and fit persons but it is also essential to fight against the toughest aspects of ageing. Researches have shown that it not only improves the lungs and heart health but it also is good for brain, bones and muscles. Older people those who do regular exercise has cholesterol level and immune system function like younger people.

At old age people loss their muscle mass and strength. But with regular resistance training, they can maintain their muscle strength and power and continue to do their day-to-day activities easily. It also helps to reduce being affected by diseases, improve brain health and mood. Apart from it balance and strength training exercises helps in maintaining the bone density, decrease arthritis pain at older age. 

Aerobic exercises help in improving the heart health by improving breathing and heartbeat. Physical activity helps in decreasing the depression and anxiety and ultimately keeps your mind sharp.

Eating more Plant based foods 

Do you know a plant-based diet is useful to slow down the ageing process? If you take a plant-based protein diet rich in nutrition level and with less calorie, this can help you in maintaining a youthful muscle structure. Usually with ageing the night vision is decreased but by intake of leafy green vegetables helps in keeping the vision clear. The antioxidants in leafy green vegetables helps in preventing cataract which is mostly found in old age. 

Plant based diet also helps in reducing chronic kidney diseases, cancer, protect you from cardiovascular diseases. There is a myth that you can get protein only from animal-based food but this is not true. Plant based diet gives you enough protein necessary for building your muscles and also protect from any adverse effects and prevents you from age related muscle loss.

Apart from all plant-based diet helps in maintaining the skin health as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. This diet helps to boost the collagen at cellular level and make your skin healthy and free from wrinkles and fine lines.

Eat enough protein

Eating only plant-based diet is not only essential rather you should take care about your protein intake which is necessary to maintain the muscle mass as we age. Eating enough protein can prevent from faster muscle loss. 

Protect your skin from sun

Getting vitamin D outside is essential for your bone health and prevents you from diseases like cancer. But excess exposure to sun rays can damage your skin, can cause wrinkles to appear and also this may lead to skin cancer. 

Skin being one of the most exposed and vital organs should be taken care properly. And it is affected by factors out of which UV radiation is one. UV radiations include 80% of the skin disease development like skin cancer and skin ageing. Repeated exposure to UV increases the degradation of collagen. This leads to loss of flexibility and elasticity in the skin. 

You can protect yourself from this by covering yourself using clothing, using a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. Also washing your face and applying a moisturiser on daily basis helps in maintaining the skin health.

Stay Hydrated

Studies have proved that adults those who stay hydrated live longer and are less likely to develop chronic diseases. The serum sodium level goes up when fluid intake is decreased and this can lead to various chronic diseases like heart failure, peripheral artery diseases, as well as chronic lung diseases and diabetes. This may also lead to dementia like confusion. 

Water plays a vital role in our body as it constitutes 60% of our body weight. Also, this helps in proper functioning of the body, maintaining healthy skin, digesting the food and removal of wastes from the body. So, drink enough water and consume food with high water content in them.

Avoid toxins

Toxins like arsenic from ground water and benzene from car exhaust and industrial emissions can damage your health and leads to ageing faster. Also, BPA a chemical from plastics can accelerate the ageing process. Cigarette smoking is another toxin that affect the overall health of skin and body and leads to ageing. 

To stay healthy stay away from these toxins and delay your aging process.

Reducing stress

The most important factor that affect ageing is stress. Increase in stress can lead to heart diseases by affecting your sleep. People with higher stress level tend to older fast as compared to people with lower level of stress. Increased stress also makes you distracted and frustrated.

It is necessary to manage your stress level by doing meditation which helps you to focus and reduce your stress level.  Enough sleep is also necessary to maintain the stress level and to slow down ageing faster. 7 to 9 hours of sleep is necessary to maintain a healthy life.