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50 Most Commonly Used Verbs Beginning with Letter B

Learning verbs that begin with B is a terrific method to start to walk students via the alphabet in an orderly yet fun method. Actually, you can educate excited minds with word lists for every single letter of the alphabet and also every part of speech. In the meantime, let’s kick points off with the incentives of the crowd – a list of B verbs.

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Let’s discuss 50 most commonly utilized B verbs. See the amount of you want to utilize in your following story or poem. Possibly they’ll liven up your writing! Any chance you want to learn more verbs that start with B? Then simply go to Richardharringtonblog for a more comprehensive list.

Back to relocate a backward movement or to sustain
Bake to prepare food in a stove
Balance to make something also in weight, dimension or amount
Ban to quit individuals from doing something
Base to build upon a structure of expertise
Be to exist
Bear to be capable of coping with or holding the weight
Beat to win or to strike
Become to expand or become
Beg to plead for something
Begin to start something
Behave to act in an ideal manner
Behold to see or perceive
Believe to believe in the truth of something
Belong to suit or appropriate for
Bend to offer a curve or angle to something
Bet to bet cash in competitors
Beware to be careful of possible threat
Bind to link or stick
Bite to use your teeth to go into something
Blame to proclaim somebody else responsible for a mistake
Bleed to lose blood
Blend to integrate points in a unified manner
Bless to ask for the support of God
Blink to open and shut swiftly, especially the eyelids
Block to prevent something from occurring
Blow to remove air in a strong fashion
Blur to make something indistinct or hazy
Boast to brag about oneself
Boil to alter from liquid to gas
Bolster to sustain or reinforce something
Book to make reservations for something in advance
Boost to elevate, press greater or promote
Born past participle of “to bear;” to be produced
Borrow to take something with the intent of offering it back
Bother to frustrate, stress or create pain
Bounce to leap or relocate unexpectedly
Bound to leap
Break to wreck, split or crack
Breathe to take air in and weep
Brew to make something to consume alcohol by blending components with each other, boiling, and steeping
Bring to carry or take something or somebody to an area
Browse to take a look at something casually
Build to construct or create
Bully to require one’s means boldly
Burn to be on fire
Burst to disintegrate suddenly and with force
Bury to put in the ground, cover up or conceal
Buy to purchase or manage an exchange of something of value
Bypass to offer a different method around

10 Example Sentences Verbs That Start with B

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  1. Please help me balance the chair.
  2. Her Facebook account got banned due to violation of rules.
  3. I don’t think he can bear such heavy responsibilities.
  4. I wish when I grow up, I can become an astronaut.
  5. Class begins at 9 o’clock every day.
  6. I believe he is the best of all.
  7. The car must belong to a billionaire.
  8. I blame the weather for being late.
  9. Please book a seat for me in that French restaurant.
  10. I borrowed this book on computer science from Tom yesterday.

Without verbs, the majority of our sentences would not fly. Ideally, several of these verbs that start with B will certainly find their means into your next short story or poem. Maintain boosting your vocabulary a lot more by uncovering a lengthy checklist of adjectives that begin with B.

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