5 Types Of Conference Table Shapes You Can Get For Your Office

Berry Mathew

5 Types Of Conference Table Shapes You Can Get For Your Office

Office furniture is crucial for the comfort of your employees. Besides, furniture helps enhance office aesthetics and makes the space look professional. One of the essential pieces of office furniture is the office table. Tables are crucial for office operations. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on your preferences.

Read on for five types of conference table shapes you can get for your office.

  1. Rectangular Conference Tables

Rectangular conference tables are quite common in today’s offices. They are a sign of traditionalism and order. Given that these tables give an opportunity to establish the head of the meeting, they follow the idea of hierarchy. The person at the head of the table can address everyone equally while the rest of the table faces the speaker. This explains why rectangular conference tables are often used in boardrooms, not brainstorming rooms. Setting up rectangular conference tables in your office is an excellent idea, especially if it is spacious. 

  1. Boat Conference Tables

Boat-shaped conference tables are almost similar to rectangular tables. The only difference is that they have wider, curved sides. While boat-shaped conference tables also allow for establishing the head of the meeting, they enhance teamwork and group participation more than rectangular ones. This is because they have curved edges that make it easier for participants to access individuals seated on their right or left. Therefore, you can go for a boat-shaped conference table if you want to introduce a sense of teamwork, partnership, and association. 

  1. U-Shape Conference Tables

You can also have u-shaped conference tables in your office. These tables are often used for evaluations and presentations because they are completely open on one side. Just like rectangular tables, u-shaped conference tables give you the opportunity to address one person as the leader or speaker.

Participants are seated across the u-shaped table and focus on the leader. This means the leader can easily access everyone at the table. These tables give an impressive perception that your business is information-driven and eager to collaborate.

  1. Round Conference Tables

You should go for round conference tables if you run a small business. These tables are an excellent fit for brainstorming since people are close together. It is easier to engage in conversations with round conference tables. People are much at ease on round tables compared to most other shapes. These tables also improve problem-solving among participants. 

  1. Modular Conference Tables

Modular conference tables are an excellent pick for those that care about versatility. These tables can boost the value of a room by making it suitable for activities like teleconferencing, training, and important board meetings, among others. Modular tables have the size and shape that can accommodate your needs. Therefore, if you want to maximize your office space, you should consider getting modular conference tables. These tables show functionality and versatility in your office. 

Pick The Most Suitable Table Shape For Your Organization

You can choose from various table shapes when looking for an office table. This guide has pointed out the five common shapes used in office tables. Evaluate them and pick the most suitable one for your organization.