5 Reasons To Buy an Air Fryer For Your Home

Juliet D'cruz

5 Reasons To Buy an Air Fryer For Your Home

Everyone knows that I am raving about and love the Instant Pot; however, I’m in love with my air fryer just as much!

It is a wonderful tool. Instant Pot has truly reformed my cooking kitchen to the point beyond my imagination. But there are instances that it’s not the ideal device to cook certain foods.

My top Instant Pot meals include soups, roasts, stews, and beans. Pressure cooking is not just quicker for cooking traditional meals, but the dish’s flavors are also enhanced!

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But, there are certain things that I prefer not to cook in my Instant Pot.

If you’re looking for a deep-fried or crispy texture, An air fryer is a better option.

The reason is that pressure cookers cook under pressure and liquid inside a sealed pot. It is great for food items that need a liquid base.

If you’re looking for crisp outer layers for your chicken, like fried, French fries or a grill-like texture like hamburgers and hot dogs, Air fryers are the most popular cooking appliances for your kitchen.

The process took me quite a while to purchase a new kitchen appliance. I constantly read stories of people who loved cooking using an air fryer.

I held off until I was able to. After months of study, I finally leapt and completed the purchase.

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Air Fryer Magic

After using my air fryer on and off for more than one month, I’m annoyed at myself for taking me so long to get one!

Naturally, when I first bought my air fryer, I dived right into the traditional “fried” recipes. Chicken fried, French fries, and onion rings were at the top of my list.

Every single item was perfect and without all that deep-fried oil! I was ecstatic, but I wanted to test something different than what is typically fried in a pot of oil to give the air fryer an exact test.

Through an accident, I was 100% certain that I’d purchased the correct product!

I planned to cook hamburgers on the gas grill in the evening, but an unwelcome, huge storm began to form.

It was pouring down raining dogs and cats, and it did not stop, so grilling was no longer an option. I wanted to avoid heating my kitchen during a scorching day, so I decided that I’d give an air fryer a try.

Uncertain of what to believe, I was skeptical and believed that the result would be disappointing at most.

There was no wait until the barbecue got hot, and there was no grease spilling onto the hot burners, causing flames to ignite and burn the inside of the hamburger. I threw frozen hamburgers in the basket of an air fryer, and within 12 seconds, it cooked the meal!

5 Reasons You Should Own an Air Fryer

Lower Fat/Calories

Air frying makes use of the circulation of hot air; it does not use oil for cooking your fried food items. It is a very healthy option for vegans as well as non vegetarian. So you’ll eat fewer calories and fats without sacrificing taste!


You can reduce the total preparation and cooking time by using an air-fryer. Before cooking, there is no need to heat the charcoal grill, deep fryer, or oven.

Turn off the fryer and turn it on, heat it to a temperature of about minutes and voila! The food! A frozen burger will require an oven to heat for 10 minutes, and about 15 minutes of cooking is fully cooked using the air fryer in only 15 minutes!

Virtually Hands-Off Cooking

After placing your food items in the container, it needs very little attention to cook.

You don’t have to be concerned about grease spilling throughout the kitchen or burning on the grill’s hot flame. You can open the air fryer halfway through cooking to shake or turn the food, then close it until the timer is set. It’s as easy as that!

Keep Your Kitchen Cool

There’s nothing more frustrating during a hot summer day than having to switch your oven/cooker on to cook your dinner.

An air fryer is a great option because every watt of the heat stays within the appliance. So, you can cook hot meals anytime during the entire year!

Multi-purpose cooking

Air fryers aren’t only utilized for traditional fried meals. You can use it to grill, roast, bake, and grill as well.

Roast a whole chicken, and you’ll be left with an extremely moist chicken and crispy skin. Also, we’ve mentioned how delicious hamburgers grilled are. Also, think about baking – they can make perfect buttermilk biscuits as well!

Which one should I get?

The most frequent question I receive is the best one to purchase. There are several aspects to consider when buying one of these air fryers.

The first thing to consider is how big the air fryer is. I highly recommend buying an air fryer with a big capacity of more than 5 quarts.

I’ve read numerous stories of people who purchase the 3-quart model and are dissatisfied because they cannot place their food in the basket. They are enthralled by the air-frying process and buy a larger one after a year.

There are many different brands of air fryers available on the market. When you start to look through all the reviews about the different brands and models, you’ll discover many opinions about which is the most effective.

As with every newly purchased kitchen gadget, don’t hesitate to give it a go when you get it. Continue to use it for at least one month.

It gives you enough time to play around with different recipes to discover how to add value to your life!



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