Charlotte Miller

4 Reasons to Start a Company in Singapore


Singapore has quickly earned a global reputation as one of the best destinations for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to start a company. From its robust economy to its thriving business environment, the city-state stands out for its streamlined procedures and business-friendly policies, which easily trump those offered in other countries.

Here are the different ways that Singapore’s company incorporation process differentiates itself from those of other countries and why it remains a top choice for business owners and investors worldwide.

Speed and Efficiency

One of the most prominent differences in Singapore’s incorporation process is its speed and efficiency. While this may take up to several weeks in other countries, the entire process can be completed within a few hours in Singapore so long as all required documents are in order. This is because Singapore’s government agencies and authorities involved in the process are known for their promptness in processing these applications, which lessens any delays and setbacks.

Convenience and Accessibility

A major contributor to the expedited processing of applications may be attributed to the fact that Singapore’s incorporation process can be easily done on online platforms such as the Singapore Corporate Access Portal and the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority’s BizFile+ platform. Through these online portals, applicants can easily submit all their necessary documents and requirements, as well as track the progress of their application.

The convenience provided by these online platforms significantly reduces the time it takes to complete the incorporation process.

Minimal Requirements

The incorporation process in Singapore is recognized for being efficient and streamlined, and this is because many authorities and government agencies collaborate to minimize the necessity of repetitive requirements across different applications. By reducing bureaucracy and improving inter-agency coordination, Singapore’s government has created an environment that is much more conducive to business activities.

However, it is worth noting that some companies may have additional requirements under certain circumstances, one of the most popular ones being a nominee director. A nominee director is an individual appointed to the board of directors of a company meant to serve as a representative on behalf of the company.

While this person may not necessarily participate in the daily management of the company, they may be required to ensure that the company complies with Singapore’s laws and regulations, especially for businesses that operate internationally. Fortunately, many companies in Singapore offer nominee director services, which can help companies secure a nominee director.

Affordability and Inclusivity

Unlike other countries that require companies to have substantial initial capital for incorporation, Singapore does not impose strict minimum capital requirements on applicants, making it much more accessible for small and medium-sized companies and startups. This is one of the many ways that the Singaporean government aims to stimulate the economy and welcome both entrepreneurship and innovation to thrive.

From its speed and convenience to its business-friendly policies, Singapore continues to attract both local and international entrepreneurs and business owners to start a company in the city-state. Aside from its innovative incorporation process, Singapore also commits to innovation, as well as a strategic geographical location at the center of Southeast Asia, making it a prime destination for anyone looking to enter the Asian market.