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3 Useful and Amazing Tools of PDFBear

PF is a file format that is not modifiable but can be easily shared and printed. It is presently one of the most widely used file formats. When dealing with documents and reports, students and businesspeople rely on it. Financial Statements, Transcript of Records, Manuscripts, and Report Cards are often in PDF form when distributed electronically. The reason is that the original formatting is untouched no matter what device you’re using. As a result, several web-based tools have been developed to assist you with your PDF transformation project.

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The PDFBear is one of the most commonly used internet-based PDF tools. The Delete Pages, Unlock, and Lock PDF utilities are just a few of PDFBear’s many features. Here are the steps for deleting pages, locking, and unlocking PDF files with PDFBear.

  1.     Delete PDF Pages

Regardless of how useful PDF is, there will come a time when you desperately want to delete part of its contents. It can be used when you have a nearly 200-page e-book for reading purposes, but only half of the articles are useful. With only a few clicks, PDFBear provides a tool that can help you delete pages from PDF files.

To do so, go to your computer or phone and select the pdf file you want to edit and delete pages from. Then, simply select or input the page(s) you don’t want or need, and then click “apply changes.” make changes and wait for the pdf file to be revised. When you’re finished, click “download” or “share” to save the document to dropbox or google drive.

  1.     Unlock a PDF File

Some people have trouble remembering their passwords for webmail or social media. Similarly, if you secure a password for your PDF, you may not recall it quickly, particularly if you don’t open it frequently. If the PDF file does not hold any secret information, decrypting it is the best option. Use the Unlock PDF tool of PDFBear to decrypt your PDF file in the simplest way possible. PDFBear makes unlocking your PDF file the simplest and most uncomplicated process possible.

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To unlock your PDF file, first, choose a password-protected PDF file and save it to their server. You can now enter the password for that document once you’ve finished. Your file will then be examined and unlocked in less than a minute. You can now obtain your updated PDF file once the whole process is completed.

Using PDFBear’s technology, unlocking a PDF file has become much simpler. You may easily explore each stage even if you are a novice to using a mouse and keyboard. You may rest confident that PDFBear has the greatest and most user-friendly solution for decrypting a password-protected PDF file.

  1.     Encrypt a Password PDF

You would be frightened if you received a message or a notice that someone else had accessed your social media account without your permission. Likewise, you wouldn’t want other individuals to gain entry to a PDF file that contains classified data. Once this information is available to the public, it can be exploited to defraud others using your name. Encrypting a password to your important papers is the easiest way to avoid this situation.

Fortunately, PDFBear provides the most effective tool for this. You can use the Protect PDF tool of PDFBear to encode a password on your PDF document. The techniques for adding a password to your PDF file are the simplest and most uncomplicated.

To begin password-protecting your PDF file, you must first select a PDF file and upload it to PDFBear’s server. After that, you can type in the password you choose. However, you must adhere to a set of rules. Your password must be an alpha-numerical combination and has at least nine characters. In addition, your password must contain a mix of symbols and capital letters. After you’ve set your passcode, the system will evaluate and secure a password for your PDF file. It could take a minute for the procedure to complete. The final step is to save your newly password-protected PDF file to your computer.

PRO Membership of PDFBear

PRO subscribers of PDFBear have unrestricted access to any features anytime. They have unrestricted task conversion, limitless file storage, file upload size, storage space, and task conversion. They will also have a greater percentage of upload speed and will be given priority in technical and service assistance.

Being a PRO member makes users’ jobs quicker and more convenient because everything they offer is infinite, with a maximum file size of 2GB per upload, which is quite large. You can use all of their features without delay for only $5.99 every month.

What’s More?

Securing the confidentiality and security of the files submitted is the top focus of PDFBear. It’s always safe with them since they promise that their users’ files are absolutely secured with their 256-BIT SSL security encryption. After an hour, PDFBear removes any files that have been uploaded to their system. This ensures that the files will not become entangled in the affairs of others and be duplicated or edited out.