3 Trends that can revolutionize business industry

Juliet D'cruz

3 Trends that can revolutionize business industry

The 2022-2023 Trends Guide is a very useful tool for entrepreneurs to plan their actions adapted to new realities. On this page, you will find a summary of what should guide business, according to the Guide.

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1 – Digitization

Making your business available online brings a number of advantages, perhaps the main one being the fact that, anytime, anywhere, anyone can purchase your products and services. The digital store sells 24 hours a day every day. Revolutionize your business with a free scheduling software and allow clients to book your services online 24/7. 

2 – Physical stores

No longer limited to “points of sale”, physical stores now become an experiential extension of what virtual stores cannot offer. This means exploiting the advantages of the physical world in a more elaborate or strategic way than before.

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3 – Understand the sales channels

If before omnichannel was seen as “the future of the market”, today it is already understood that being on all channels and social networks can be a shot in the foot. Bet on channels that really make sense to your audience, have quality control over each one, unify information and focus on improving the fluidity of customer journeys.

  1. Headless commerce is becoming easier and easier to use

In addition to retailers’ growing affinity for technology, new technology is also making it easier for brands to improve the shopping experience, as it is becoming increasingly uncomplicated to use. Headless commerce platforms provide a decoupled, flexible environment that allows frontend developers to quickly and easily add as many “heads” (= channels) to their commerce backend as they need. It’s been the industry’s best-kept secret so far, but in 2022, the barriers to entry for headless commerce software are falling. Increasingly sophisticated solutions make it possible for employees with less technical experience to recognize the potential of this technology, to make appropriate investments and to use headless solutions. An example of the “Headless” system becoming mainstream, is the acquisition of the leading composable frontend development platform Frontastic by commercetools. This combines the speed and flexibility of headless with the ease of use of a website builder.

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The result is fundamental forecasts that initially appear credible: Digital transformation is reaching the next level, artificial intelligence and machine learning are gaining momentum and the trend towards cloud solutions will force architecture simplifications. The claim that data will serve as the basis for sustainability seems a bit more daring – we think that’s a nice claim in times of Fridays for the Future. But of course we would be happy if it were to come true.

Since working from home is also a big topic for OPTIMAL SYSTEMS – both for our employees and for our customers – we were surprised to find the work of the future here as one of the top forecasts: A megashift is imminent.

A forecast that made us smile: Due to the increasing importance of databases and automated processes, many CIOs would soon become CEOs . We keep our fingers crossed!