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3 Events That Could Use a Comedian

Comedians are some of the best performers when it comes to keeping a crowd energetic and excited to see more: yet many aren’t sure what to do with them or what events suit them the best.  Whether you’re throwing a large corporate event and want a performance to bring everyone together, or you’re hosting a family reunion, these three events are always the right fit for a comedian.

Here’s why.

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Why a Comedian?

Comedians are awesome performers who are able to think quickly on their feet, see the world from a different view, and connect with their audience in a way that allows every set to feel almost like a conversation.  Although they aren’t the right fit at most funerals, they are an awesome choice for plenty of events that need laughter and excitement to shake things up a little bit.

Not only can they change your views on interesting things, but they also help you see ways that we’re all connected: namely by the need to laugh and have fun.

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Corporate Events

Corporate events are one of the largest events every year, and yet they’re often underbooked when it comes to entertainment.  If you want to make sure your event isn’t boring, it’s time to hire a comedian.

The best comedians for corporate events are those that are specifically practiced in these.  They have a clean set of jokes, know how to intertwine humor from the company itself, and are quick on their toes when it comes to improvisation.  Comedians do incredible well at corporate events. 

Family Reunions

What better way to excite a party is there than to have Josh Denny take center stage as entertainment?  Family reunions can be incredibly boring events if the entertainment isn’t taken seriously.  By hiring someone that can make anyone in the family laugh and plying them with information on inside stories the family shares, and jokes that only a family member would know, you give them the chance to bring the family closer together through comedy. 

Make sure that whatever jokes you give the comedian are lighthearted and fun and that you avoid saying anything too cruel.  Although this might be fun for you, a family event shouldn’t be about cutting each other down and trying to harm the feelings of one another.  

Retirement Fun

Retirement is a huge step towards the next part of your life, so it’s natural to want to party and celebrate this transition.  Unfortunately, many retirement parties end up being lowkey and boring: so why not liven things up a little bit?  If the person retiring has a great sense of humor and would love a roast, consider hiring a comedian to have fun hosting the roast!  Give them inside jokes, educate them on what topics to avoid at all costs, and have fun creating an interesting night of chaos and fun!

Every Party Could Use Some Laughter

Any party in the world could enjoy some fun and excitement.  Put your all into it, and create an event where laughter and fun are at the center stage.  

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